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842018-04-15EPL Decoder
822018-01-22Australian Citizenship Test - Level 1
632017-06-24Most Common Grocery Foods - Australia
592017-10-02Soccer - A-Z
572017-06-24Most Popular Aussie Fast Food Chains
532019-05-17Ashes Cricket Since 2000
502017-06-24Most Popular Australian Junior Sports
482017-06-24Australian True or False
412019-05-18Australian Sports Greatest Since 2000
392018-01-22Australian Citizenship Test - Level 2
382017-09-26Sports - 2 minute blitz (SOCCER)
352017-09-27Sports - General Knowledge - Level 3
272018-01-22Australian Citizenship Test - Level 3
252019-05-11Football Quiz - EPL Master
252017-01-09Danny's Favourite Australian Cricketers - Since 2000
252018-02-28Top 90 EPL Players Since 2005
242019-05-22Cricket ODI General Knowledge
232017-09-29Soccer - Advanced
202017-09-27Sports - General Knowledge - Level 2
192019-11-02Premier League Goal Scorers Quiz
192019-05-19FIFA World Cup Group Stage Points Since 2000
192019-05-274 Letter Greats (Cricket Soccer & Afl)
172019-05-11EPL Multiple Choice
172017-01-10Danny's Favourite Soccer Players - All Time
162017-10-01NRL - Sponsors
162017-09-26Sports - 2 min Blitz (CRICKET)
162019-05-13Master Cricketers Quiz
152017-01-07Townsville Largest Suburbs by Population
142017-09-29NRL - Advanced
142017-10-01Australian shoe brands
142017-09-26Sports - General Knowledge Level 1
132019-05-19Fifa WC - Most populous & Least populous
122017-10-02Sports- answers A-Z
112019-05-25NRL Career Paths Quiz
112019-05-25WHO AM I: NRL PLAYERS
102019-05-21A - Z of Sport (Criptic Clues)
102017-09-26Sports - 2 min blitz (NRL)
92017-10-02Sports - A-Z - level 2
92019-05-25Socceroos 2006 FIFA World Cup
82019-05-23Sponsors - Australian Sport
82019-05-23Test Match Cricket Sprint
82020-05-23NRL - 100 Best Players Of the 2000's
72019-05-20Elite Sports Trivia - NRL
72019-05-27NRL Odd One Out
72017-09-26Sports General Knowledge - Level 2
62019-02-25Townsville Knowledge
62019-05-13Master NRL Fanatics
52017-01-09Danny's favourite NRL players since 2005
32019-06-08Sportsmen - Guess Who
32019-02-26Townsville Knowledge 2
32018-09-221-13 Aus. Sports
32017-01-07Ewan Leading Wicket Takers
22019-05-27Most Capped NQ Cowboys by Jersey
22019-05-21Elite Sports Trivia - NQ Cowboys
22019-05-11Sports Master - AusEng Sports Quiz
22017-01-07Ewan Cricket since 2011
22019-02-26Townsville Knowledge 3
22017-10-01Townsville Pubs by first letter
22017-10-01Sports - General Knowledge 4
12017-01-07Highest Rated Townsville Premier League Players Since 2011
12017-01-07Rebels FC Most Games Played Since 2011 (Premier League)
12017-01-07Most Games Played for RFC Seniors Since 2010
12017-01-09Danny's Aussie Sports Knight Hoods
02017-02-26The diversive sports novelist
02017-06-25Danny's 10 Fave Maroons