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2022019-05-01Biggest Cities of Modern Holy Roman Empire
1592019-04-30Biggest cities on the Iberian Peninsula
1352019-04-30Norway or Sweden
1092019-05-05Cities in China over 3,000,000
972019-04-24Which city is further North?
912019-04-29Which city is further South?
702019-05-03U.S. States With the Most Cities of 250,000
662019-05-14Countries with the Highest Cost of Living
612019-04-30Countries with the Least Freedom
582017-07-17Number of US Electoral Vote Quiz
562019-05-14Countries Smaller than Washington DC
522019-04-30Unrecognized Countries
502019-05-15Multi-Word US States and Territories
492019-05-13Countries Ending with I
482019-05-18Countries that have Changed their Capital
482019-05-18Largest Capital Cities of Asia
462019-04-29Biggest Cities In New Hampshire by Population
432019-04-30Biggest Tea Producers in the World
422018-04-30Total Drama Action Eliminations
402019-05-03Indian Cities over 5 Million
382019-05-16Most Average US States by Area
372019-05-12Biggest Cities by Continent
362019-05-19Countries on the Tropic of Cancer
342019-04-25Which city is further East?
312019-05-18Countries Smaller than Boise
272019-04-28Top 10 cities closest to the Prime Meridian
272019-04-29Capital cities closest to the Equator
262019-04-30Smallest Capital Cities
252019-04-30Biggest Cities Within 10° of the Equator
232019-05-02Which is larger by Area
232019-05-04Countries by Landmark
192019-05-11Flags by a portion
192019-04-29Capital cities closest to the Prime Meridian
182019-04-26Which city is further West?
132019-04-24Asian Landmarks by Picture
122019-05-11Deepest Seas in the World
112019-05-14Bobsled Tracks Around The World