Everything Aboot Canada

Answer 50 questions about Canadian culture, history, geography, politics, and religion.
This will only refer to the modern Canadian state (1867 to today)
Canada's part in New France and in the British Empire will not be referred
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Last updated: July 27, 2019
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Who is Canada's current prime minister?
Justin Trudeau
Who is Canada's head of state?
Queen Elizabeth II
Which park ,named after the governor who gave his name to the annual cup given to the best hockey team in the NHL , is Vancouver's biggest?
Stanley Park
In what territory can we find Canada's highest peak , Mount Logan?
Yukon Territory
Who was Canada's first prime minister?
John A. Macdonald
Which Canadian province is the only one that has French as the only official language?
Which British queen gave Canada's independence in 1867?
Victoria I
What sweet brownish liquid do Canadian put on pancakes or waffles?
Maple syrup
What was the name of Canada's flag before 1965?
Red Ensign
What prize did prime minister Lester B. Pearson receive for his efforts to stop the Suez Crisis?
Nobel Peace Prize
What is Canada's type of government?
Constitutional Monarchy
Because of its needle shape,which building is the third tallest in the world by pinnacle height?
CN Tower
Which branch of Christianity is Canada's most practiced religion?
Roman Catholic
What are loonie and toonie variants of?
Which city hosts an annual Stampede?
What is Canada's national animal?
What is Canada's national summer sport?
What is Canada's national winter sport?
Ice Hockey
What is Canada's national motto in English?
From Sea to Sea
What leaf is on the Canadian flag?
Maple Leaf
In what city did the 1976 Summer Olympics take place?
Which Winnipeg native decided to go on a 'Marathon of Hope' across Canada?
Terry Fox
Which international alliance did Canada help found in 1949?
Which British colony joined the Canadian confederation in 1949?
What mountain range includes mountains such as Mount Robson and Mount Columbia?
What is Canada's oldest national park?
Which current territory separated from the Northwest Territories in 1999?
Which ethnic group consists of a mix of the First Nations and of the French settlers?
Which Northern ethnic group speaks Inuktitut?
Which bay is Canada's largest?
Hudson Bay
People from which Asian country were exploited to construct the Canadian Pacific Railway?
From which country was Princess Margriet from? (She was born when this monarchy was in exile in Ottawa during the Second World War)
In which French city is there a monument commemorating the efforts of the four Canadian divisions who pushed back the Germans? (It is also on the back of the Canadian 20$ bill)
What is Canada's capital city?
What Ontario city what formerly known as York?
What is northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world?
Which bay has the highest tides in the world?
Bay of Fundy
Which maritime province is only one to be officially bilingual?
New Brunswick
Which province can be translated to 'New Scotland' in English
Nova Scotia
Which Canadian Nobel Prize winner discovered insulin?
Frederick Banting
Which social democratic Canadian party has the third most seats in the Canadian Parliament?
Which Canadian female astronaut is the current Governor General of Canada?
Julie Payette
Which strait , which bears the same name as a state and a country, separates Vancouver Island from mainland Canada?
Strait of Georgia
Which river is Canada's longest?
Mackenzie River
In what year did the Statute of Westminster grant Canada's full independence on external affairs from the UK?
What island is Canada's biggest?
What is Canada's smallest province?
Prince Edward Island
Which French Canadian singer sang 'My Heart Will Go On'?
Céline Dion
Which Canadian actor played as Deadpool in the movie of the same name?
Ryan Reynolds
Which Canadian actor played Captain James T. Kirk in 'Star Trek'?
William Shatner
Level 37
Jul 24, 2019
Dutch Princess Margriet was born in Canada (1943), not Beatrix (1938).
Level 71
Jul 24, 2019
Question #2: that would be Queen Elizabeth II.