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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Luni.
# of Quizzes 42
# Subscribers 9
Times taken 24,476
Quizmaker Rank # 1,267
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14,5572021-06-25300 Digits of Pi
4,5782024-05-16Every Country in its Official/Native Language
2,4732022-10-08Name a Country Ending with A - A-Z
5092024-04-06English Words Without the Vowels - Randomized
4602023-03-26Higher or Lower - Land Area
2392020-02-15Numbers in a Random Order - Speed Typing
2232020-06-05Country Flags that are Similar Quiz
1582020-02-02Bigger or Smaller
1322023-02-03Name a World Capital Ending with A - A-Z
1322020-06-18Top 5 Largest Countries by Continent
1102023-01-12Hai una buona memoria verbale?
912022-10-11US State Capitals Click Quiz
892021-06-06United States Tile Select
872019-04-29Countries that start with a vowel
702020-02-16Brazilian State Capitals
702022-12-20Countries containing JQXZ
542022-08-11U.S. States with Tim Hortons
452020-06-18Cities on the Caspian Sea with over 50k People
412019-06-24Spell the Welsh town
372020-12-24Country Capitals Larger than Neighboring Countries' Capitals
352021-04-27U.S. States in Order of Statehood
302023-01-01Africa Cities - Tile Select
292020-12-26Twelve Days of Christmas - Day One
262021-03-29Brazilian Capitals Map Quiz
242021-01-27Digits of Pi 2: Electric Boogaloo
222021-02-22U.S. States with Topgolf
172020-12-26Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Two
172021-01-05Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Twelve
132020-12-30Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Six
132020-12-29Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Five
122020-12-28Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Four
122020-12-31Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Seven
122020-06-06Smallest Incorporated Towns in Every State Quiz
112020-12-27Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Three
92022-03-06US States by City - Tile Select
82021-06-06Jetpunk Tile Select
72021-01-01Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Eight
62021-01-02Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Nine
62020-06-01Most played JetPunk Quiz
52021-01-03Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Ten
52021-01-04Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Eleven
22020-06-01Most Played Quizzes on Jetpunk With Exceptions