Characters on the Walking Dead

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Red boxes are members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, blue boxes are members of either the Atlanta group or the Prison group, green boxes are members of the Hilltop Colony, brown boxes are members of Woodbury or the Governor's Militia, purple boxes are members of the Kingdom, yellow boxes are members of the Scavengers, black boxes are members of the Saviors, light blue boxes are members of Hershel's farm, beige boxes are prison inmate-survivors, and grey boxes are for members of Terminus, the Claimers, the Wolves, the CDC, the Grady Memorial Hospital police, or any loners.
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Season 1-
Flawed leader of the group
Rick Grimes
Season 1-2
Unhinged second-in-command
Shane Walsh
Season 1-3
Demanding wife of Rick and mother of Carl
Lori Grimes
Season 1-3
Stubborn sister of Amy
Season 1-2
Reasonable elder and moral compass
Dale Horvath
Season 1-7
Clever and optimistic former delivery-boy
Glenn Rhee
Season 1-8
Angsty teenage son of Rick
Carl Grimes
Season 3-
Lori's baby daughter and Carl's half-sister
Judith Grimes
Season 1-
Fearless hunter and right-hand man of Rick
Daryl Dixon
Season 1-
Originally weak and frail, but evolved into a hardened survivor
Carol Peletier
Season 1-3
Racist redneck tracker missing a hand
Merle Dixon
Season 1-
Non-violent wise man
Morgan Jones
Season 2-
Fierce leader of the Hilltop Colony and wife of Glenn
Maggie Rhee
Season 2-4
Religious voice of wisdom and doctor of the group
Hershel Greene
Season 2-5
Hopeful and optimistic daughter of Hershel
Beth Greene
Season 2-
Resourceful katana-wielding survivor
Season 3-5
Evil and power-mad leader of Woodbury
Philip Blake (The Governor)
Season 3-5
Compassionate and protective brother of Sasha
Tyreese Williams
Season 3-7
Fiery sharpshooter and sister of Tyreese
Sasha Williams
Season 4-5
Humorous but depressed alcoholic loner
Bob Stookey
Season 4-
Ex-Member of the Governor's Militia and member of the group
Tara Chambler
Season 4-7
Brave and short-tempered red-headed former soldier
Abraham Ford
Season 4-
Socially awkward, highly intelligent engineer that betrayed the group to join the Saviors
Eugene Porter
Season 4-
Feisty and extremely capable ex-girlfriend of Abraham
Rosita Espinosa
Season 4-5
Cannibalistic leader of Terminus
Season 5-
Priest sheltered from the Apocalypse
Father Gabriel Stokes
Season 5-
Good-natured and outgoing head-recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Season 5-8
Recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone and boyfriend of ^
Eric Raleigh
Season 5-6
Ex-leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Deanna Monroe
Season 5-6
Resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and mother of Ron and Sam
Jessie Anderson
Season 5-7
Alexandria Safe-Zone lookout and son of Deanna with a distrust for Rick
Spencer Monroe
Season 5-
Teenage resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and girlfriend of Carl
Season 6-
Crafty member of the Hilltop Colony
Paul "Jesus" Rovia
Season 6-
Cowardly former-leader of the Hilltop Colony
Season 6-
Psychopathic and merciless leader of the Saviors
Season 6-
Ruthless but reluctant member of the Saviors
Season 6-
High-ranked member of the Saviors and Negan's right-hand man
Season 7-
Leader of the Kingdom with a love for theatrics
King Ezekiel
Season 7-
Traitorous, oddly-spoken leader of the Scavengers
Season 1
Out-going sister of Andrea
Season 1-3
Extremely loyal and kind member of the Atlanta group
Theodore Douglas
Season 1
Only survivor of his family, and predicted the walker attack on the Atlanta Camp
Season 1
Compassionate member of the Atlanta group that lost hope at the CDC
Season 1-8
Left the group with his family for relatives in Birmingham, now a loyal member of the Saviors
Season 1
Abusive sexist husband of Carol
Ed Peletier
Season 1-2
Cheerful daughter of Ed and Carol who goes missing
Sophia Peletier
Season 2
Hershel's ranch hand that accidentally shot Carl
Season 2
Quiet wife of Otis
Season 2
Beth's 17 year old boyfriend living on the Greene's farm
Season 2
After being impaled on a fence, he's taken prisoner by the group
Randall Culver
Season 3
Sly inmate-survivor at the prison loyal to Tomas
Season 3
Ignorant but well-meaning inmate-survivor that joins the group
Season 3
Brave inmate-survivor that joins the group
Season 3
Violently unpredictable leader of the inmate-survivors
Season 3-4
The Governor's most trusted enforcer who favors a baseball bat
Caesar Martinez
Season 3
Scientist right-hand man of the Governor
Milton Mamet
Season 4
New arrival to the prison community and one of Carl's closest friends
Season 4
Psychotic 12-year old obsessed with walkers
Lizzie Samuels
Season 4
Innocent 10-year old sister of Lizzie
Mika Samuels
Season 4
Mother oblivious to the grim world around her
Lilly Chambler
Season 4
Daughter of Lilly
Meghan Chambler
Season 4
Leader of the Claimers
Season 5
Strict leader of the Grady Memorial Hospital police officers
Dawn Lerner
Season 5
Aspiring architect and comedian of the group
Season 5
Abusive drunkard father of the Anderson family
Pete Anderson
Season 5-6
Bitter and vengeful 15 year old son of Pete and Jessie
Ron Anderson
Season 5-6
Youngest of the Anderson family
Sam Anderson
Season 5
Architect of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and husband of Deanna
Reg Monroe
Season 5
Egotistical and careless son of Deanna and Reg
Aiden Monroe
Season 5-6
Weak and cowardly supply-runner for the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Season 5-7
Inventory Manager at the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Season 5-
Hard-working construction worker for the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Season 6-7
Sarcastic head supply-runner for the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Season 6
Alexandria Safe-Zone's head doctor and surgeon
Dr. Denise Cloyd
Season 5-6
Deranged, greedy member of the Wolves
Season 7-8
Pet tiger of King Ezekiel and defender of the Kingdom
Season 7
Young soldier from the Kingdom eager to prove himself
Season 7
Soldier from the Kingdom who despises the Saviors
Season 7-
Member of the Kingdom and King Ezekiel's steward
Season 1
Last surviving pathologist at the Atlanta CDC
Dr. Edwin Jenner
Season 1
The first person Rick meets and Morgan's son
Duane Jones
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