Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Can you answer these questions about the football program of the University of Alabama?
Quiz by FootballPunk
Last updated: January 11, 2021
First submittedJanuary 11, 2021
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Who is the current head coach of Alabama?
Nick Saban
What conference does Alabama play in?
Southeastern Conference
Name the Heisman winner
2020 WR
DeVonta Smith
2015 RB
Derrick Henry
2009 RB
Mark Ingram
What is the two word rallying cry for the team?
Roll Tide
Who are Alabama's biggest in-state rivals?
What is the name for the annual matchup between these two teams?
Iron Bowl
Who coached Alabama to six national championships in the 1960s and 1970s?
Paul "Bear" Bryant
What type of animal is "Big Al", the team mascot?
Who has the most passing TDs in team history?
Tua Tagovailoa
What is the name of the team marching band?
Million Dollar Band
What school does Alabama play against on the "Third Saturday in October"?
What city is home to the University of Alabama?
Former Alabama quarterbacks won the first three Super Bowls.
Who were they?
Bart Starr
Joe Namath
Level 81
Jan 12, 2021
Great quiz! That's about the only comment I can make that doesn't give away one of the answers, LOL!
Level 81
Jan 14, 2021
I can say RTR without giving anything away!
Level 62
Jan 12, 2021
Is it still true that none of the athletes who competed yesterday are allowed to make any money?

Is it still true that they're given bogus degrees to study?

Is it still true that their coaches and the NCAA bosses earn $millions off their backs?

Is it still true that 98% of them won't go on to be professional football players?

Is it still true that college sports in the USA is exploitation akin to slavery?

Or has it all changed in the last year or so?

Level ∞
Jan 12, 2021
Yes, yes, yes, not these teams, not even close they live like sultans, and finally no.
Level 62
Jan 12, 2021

Gladiator slaves lived like sultans too.

(Well, 2% of them did.)

Level 52
Jan 12, 2021
Anyone on the team can opt out, transfer, etc. They are not forced to play. You should probably stop referring to collegiate athletes as slaves.
Level 62
Jan 12, 2021
If the system didn't already exist and wasn't already accepted as normal, it would be impossible to create it because of how horrifically it exploits the people who do the physical work.

Sound familiar?

I don't see it lasting much longer, and sincerely hope it doesn't.

Why on earth not have professional football youth academies? Young soccer players who get injured before reaching the A team at least leave having earned a decent wage before their dream was destroyed; these guys are out on the sidewalk with less than nothing if that happens - no degree, no work experience, no money for medical bills.

(how's my American?)

Level 81
Jan 12, 2021
Your American is pretty good (aside from the slavery metaphor), and I do see your point of view. However, what you say about the exploitation of college athletes is generally true of many types of labor. That doesn't make it okay, but I think it's important to keep things in perspective.

Many aspects of how we organize our economies endure because "it's always been this way," or "people in that economic sector don't have it as bad as people in this other economic sector, so they shouldn't complain," etc.

Level 62
Jan 12, 2021
OK I apologise for the slavery metaphor. It was a non-American's immediate response to learning about the NCAA system, but I understand that it's not something to be bandied around lightly.

On the other point, I'm struggling to think of another industry that generates so much money in which the main stars get none of it.

Can anyone imagine proposing such a system for any other profession? Apprenticeships are similar, but there's a job at the end, not a 2% chance of a job. Unpaid internships are another bug-bear of mine, but kind of an inverted NCAA system where wealthy people can afford to work for free to get experience. But i won't mention that here...

Level 81
Jan 13, 2021
You can't see me nodding in agreement - but your points are well taken. I'm not sure what we can do about it, aside from pointing it out, but I agree that it's very exploitative and needs to change. Even though slavery metaphors are problematic, more than one person has noted the racial dimensions of the exploitation. Thanks for commenting about it!
Level 82
Jan 14, 2021
- Yes, but they will probably be allowed to make money in 2021-22.

- It varies: many get no degree, some receive dubious degrees and some have legit degrees

- Absolutely, coaches and the NCAA make many millions.

- Overall, few turn pro. Of the Alabama-OSU players who actually played (as opposed to just on the roster) a much larger percent will be pro at least briefly (although it may still be less than half.)

- Exploitative? Yes. Slavery? No, that's a bit too hyperbolic.

- It is changing slowly with collective action by players (e.g., Missouri), changing rules on transfer and eligibility, and, likely, the right to name/image/likeness licensing in 2021-22.

Level 81
Jan 14, 2021
In many states, the highest paid public employee is the football coach at the flagship university. I think that is so wrong on so many levels.