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Celebrities With Toupees

Rugs do more than cover floors! How many of these rug-wearing celebrities do you know?
Not all these celebrities currently wear toupees; but all of them have worn one at times.
Quiz by CBTemple
Last updated: May 23, 2013
First submittedSeptember 13, 2012
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Sam Malone on "Cheers"
Ted Danson
"Smokey and the Bandit"
Burt Reynolds
Flamboyant rock pianist
Elton John
'Chairman of the Board'
Frank Sinatra
"Sweatin' to the Oldies"
Richard Simmons
'Pearl Harbor', 'Armageddon'
Ben Affleck
Captain James T. Kirk
William Shatner
Beetlejuice and Batman
Michael Keaton
The original 007
Sean Connery
1st Van Halen frontman
David Lee Roth
"Saturday Night Fever"
John Travolta
"Poison" frontman
Bret Michaels
60's pop art maven
Andy Warhol
'The Wedding Planner'
Matthew McConaughey
The King of Pop
Michael Jackson
Casablanca's Rick Blaine
Humphrey Bogart
'Moses', 'Ben-Hur'
Charlton Heston
The Duke
John Wayne
'Encino Man', 'Crash'
Brendan Fraser
J.R. Ewing on "Dallas"
Larry Hagman
Col. Potter on "MASH"
Harry Morgan
Garfunkel's partner
Paul Simon
level 40
Mar 29, 2013
Great quiz CB. I'd always thought it was funny how everyone knows about some celebs toupees while others really do seem to be some sort of secret.
level ∞
May 23, 2013
I always thought Donald Trump wore one. But I looked it up and he claims his hair is real. I'll need to see the long form proof to be sure though.
level 44
Jun 1, 2013
Perhaps he should consider one.
level 77
Jun 1, 2013
Good call QM. Whatever it is on his head should have some kind of birth certificate.
Also surprised about some of these, like Affleck, McConaughey, and Jackson. Did MJ get his before or after his head caught on fire during that one Pepsi commercial?
level 63
Sep 1, 2015
Trump's hair is CLEARLY the most tragic, undeniably-bad comb over to ever grace any man's head. In actuality it is probably about a foot in length, it would have to be for him to execute that simply amazing fold-over comb-over combo. It's a true test to ingenuity to make so little cover so much.
level 76
Aug 2, 2018
If he says something is true, it is.
level 78
Aug 28, 2018
Of course it is. He would NEVER release fake news.
level 64
Oct 5, 2019
They dont sell such ugly toupets..
level 69
Jun 1, 2013
I knew Ben Affleck wore a wig but Matthew McConaughey? I'm gutted.
level 53
Jun 1, 2013
Wow-there were some there that were surprises to me, others you can tell a mile away. Just goes to show that vanity isn't just reserved for girls
level 76
Jan 16, 2015
In the American entertainment business it isn't just vanity. Many of them depend on their looks to continue to get work because unfortunately many of us Americans don't want to see anything less than perfect ideals on the screen or stage. I watch a lot of British TV shows and they don't seem so afraid to show crooked teeth, bad skin, or less than perfect hair. They actually look like real people.
level 77
Feb 3, 2015
Not a land overburdened by too many attractive people. The ones you see on TV might actually be better than the national mean.
level 21
Jun 4, 2013
had no idea any of these guys wore a toupee to tell you the truth.
level 64
Oct 5, 2019
Not even andy warhol? But yea for many I had no idea, some make sense other are unsuspected.
level 32
Mar 21, 2014
I kept reading "Wedding Singer" and I thought the answer was Adam Sandler... that was a wig too. But it was so funny when I read it right!
level 28
May 10, 2014
never knew Frank Sinatra, Matthew McConaughey, william shatner, john travolta or Bret Michaels wore toupees.
level 62
Aug 7, 2014
What's Bret Michaels need a toupee for? Surely that bandana is cemented to his scalp?
level 76
Aug 2, 2018
Sinatra had famously bad replacement hair.
level 74
Jul 3, 2017
When you see a man who is balding, you know 1 thing about him: he's balding.

When you see a man who is wearing a toupee you know 2 things about him: he's balding and he's insecure.
level 51
Dec 9, 2017
Wow... who knew?
level 38
Apr 1, 2018
Matthew McConaughey???? - who knew!!!! and Michael Jackson had a full blown wig, not just a toupee.
level 76
Aug 2, 2018
Some sleepover kids must've let the secret out.
level 69
Sep 11, 2018
Took quiz just after waking up. Read 'Garfield' for "Garfunkel' and couldn't understand why it wouldn't accept Jon
level 64
Oct 5, 2019
World shattered... I could say it needs a spoiler alert, but well you know what the quiz is about, but still... I wish it could be "unseen" !