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Countries That No Longer Exist

Here are some countries that no longer exist in their previous form, due either to mergers or divisions. How many can you name?
Quiz by CBTemple
First submittedAugust 8, 2012
Last updatedAugust 8, 2012
Times taken13,502
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Merged w/ Germany
East Germany
Merged w/ Vietnam
South Vietnam
Merged w/ US
Republic of Texas
Merged w/ US
Confederate States of America
Split into Balkan states
Merged w/ China
Parts of India and Bangladesh
Merged w/ Spain
Merged w/ France
Split into 2 European states
Merged w/ US
Merged w/ Canada
Parts of Asia, Africa, Europe
Ottoman Empire
Parts of Germany and Poland
Merged w/ UK
Merged w/ UK
Merged w/ India
Merged w/ Tanzania
Merged w/ Tanzania
Split into 15 Asian states
level 56
Aug 8, 2012
Can you please accept "Soviet Union" for USSR?
level 76
Aug 8, 2012
Of course! A huge omission on my part....thanks!!
level 44
Oct 20, 2014
can you accept tanganika for tanganyika?
level 43
Jul 26, 2016
And Tanganiyka if we make mistakes.
level 75
Dec 24, 2012
The Soviet Union did not split up into 15 states in Asia - some are in Europe.
level 22
Mar 30, 2013
Prussia in 1945? you mean Nazi Third Reich. Prussia was canceleld in 1871 i think, when German Empire was founded.
level 33
Nov 6, 2013
can you please accept Confederate States for Confederate States of America?
level 54
Apr 25, 2014
We might not be sovereign countries any more (not for a while longer, perhaps) but I'd say Scotland and Wales still "exist" more than most of the others here.
level 59
Aug 30, 2014
They don't exist as independent any more. The Keltic nations were independent before those dates (as far as I know).
level 60
Nov 11, 2014
I tipped "Otoman" with one "t" -.-
level 53
Apr 15, 2017
HOW OLD ARE YOU? The ottoman empire collapsed in 1920. How did you 'tip' them. Unless you meant typed
level 68
Feb 19, 2015
With the "Germany and Poland" hint, I only thought of Danzig Free State which would be a viable answer for 1945. Prussia is not, unless the date is changed as explained by others before. How about Manchuria, Tannu Tuva, Roman Empire? :)
level 53
Mar 25, 2015
Didn't Serbia and Montenegro also split into... Serbia and Montenegro as independent states just like Czechoslovakia?
level 53
Nov 23, 2015
They did, but the were the last remaining states from Yugoslavia really. Slovenia and Croatia declared independance in 1991, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina followed within a year, and that left "Yugoslavia" as just two current nations, who changed their name from Yugoslavia to "Serbia and Montenegro". Montenegro then declared independance from Serbia in 2006. So yeah guess you're right in one way, but it probably comes under Yugoslavia.
level 38
Apr 6, 2015
K so on Tanganyika, i feel like that shouldn't count bc it was tanganyika and zanzibar, then they merged to make tanzania. Also on the Sikkim, Corsica, and the Catalonia questions, there could be more than one answer. India has merged and gone through several empires throughout history. Spain was once Castille and Aragon. France also had countries like Brittany, Normandy, Bourbon, and Savoy which all were separate from France at different times. Just sayin:/
level 37
Jan 19, 2016
CSA helped me get all of them. Sikkim was only 6 percent. I'm from India and got that right. Got all of them. Easy quiz.
level 53
Feb 18, 2016
I don't know if it's me being pedantic, because we all know the answer, but the clue : "Split into 15 Asian states", I'd believe you should omit the word Asian, or add European because of course, out of the 15 6 are definitely european, with one more being european in my eyes but I know it sparks debate on jetpunk so I won't! Other than that great quiz, this.
level 35
May 13, 2016
East Germany did not merge with Germany, it merged with West Germany to form Germany, same thing with South Vietnam merging with North Vietnam not Vietnam and neither Tanganyika or Zanzibar merged with Tanzania, once again, this was formed from the merger. Also, the USSR did NOT split into 15 Asian states, since when were Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova Asian (also Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia are considered European).
level 69
Aug 31, 2016
Your comment about Germany is just plain wrong. Why are you 'correcting' things you obviously don't have a clue about?
level 43
Jul 26, 2016
Brittany was merged at France, maybe we should include...
level 32
Aug 1, 2016
What about the Iberian Union? Sardinia? Korea?
level 45
Aug 9, 2016
Tanganyika didn't work for me... Also, Hawaii threw me off big-time. It didn't become an actual US State until 1959, which looks to be what counts as "merging with US" on any other state answers.
level 71
Jan 30, 2017
Some of these did not "merge" with nations. Quite a few of them were forcibly annexed.
level 55
May 28, 2017
Where's Vermont republic? California republic?
level 28
Aug 5, 2017
can you please add austria hungary
level 68
Oct 30, 2017
Should be a featured quiz
level 74
Nov 1, 2017
I doubt that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine see themselves as 'Asian states',and a significant part of Russia is considered to be part of Europe.
level 48
Mar 18, 2018
"Split into 15 Asian states"?????? 1 star rating.. that is very wrong...
level 59
Oct 6, 2018
what is this? catalonia was never a country before 1939 and never has been (i live in catalonia myself). would've never have guessed the answer to that question in a million years
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