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Famous Cigar Smokers Quiz

Stars with stogies! Can you name these well-known puffers?
Last updated: August 03, 2012
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British PM during World War II
Winston Churchill
Star of The Color Purple and Ghost
Whoopie Goldberg
He'll be back
Arnold Schwarzenegger
1st US President born in the 20th century
John F. Kennedy
Star of Chinatown and A Few Good Men>
Jack Nicholson
Film comedian; host of You Bet Your Life
Groucho Marx
Probably not jumping on couches anymore
Tom Cruise
Gordon Gekko enjoys cigars,
and so does he
Michael Douglas
WWII general - "Old Blood and Guts"
George S. Patton
Replaced Thurgood Marshall on SCOTUS
Clarence Thomas
Conservative radio talk-show host
Rush Limbaugh
Gap-toothed late night host
David Letterman
Long-time Cuban dictator
Fidel Castro
Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain
TV's Cliff Huxtable
Bill Cosby
"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar",
said this psychoanalyst
Sigmund Freud
Larger-than-life Yankee HOF slugger
Babe Ruth
Led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA titles
Michael Jordan
Long-time partner of Gracie Allen
George Burns
The little tramp of silent films
Charlie Chaplin
Taxi's diminutive Louis DePalma
Danny DeVito
Known as "Mr. Television" in the 1950's
Milton Berle
1920s Chicago bootlegger and gangster
Al Capone
TV's raincoat-clad detective Columbo
Peter Falk
level 70
Aug 3, 2012
I understand Bill Clinton enjoyed cigars as well. Nice quiz!
level 70
Aug 16, 2017
If you're going to include rapists, Clinton belongs on here with Cosby.
level 58
Sep 7, 2012
George Carlin once quipped, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But sometimes, it's a big, brown.." Do a Google search for the rest.
level 18
Sep 7, 2012
how can you possibly not include red auerbach - the legendary boston celtics coach known for smoking after every victory?!?
level 67
Apr 17, 2019
Lakers fan
level 63
Sep 8, 2015
The spelling is "Whoopi"
level 74
Jan 13, 2016
level 68
Sep 5, 2016
He's fictional, but I was hoping Tony Soprano would be on here
level 48
Sep 13, 2016
Normally I roll my eyes when I see my fellow Brits moaning that certain quizzes are "too US-centric" but, y'know...
level 78
Apr 6, 2017
Are you referring to Churchill, Castro, Freud, Chaplin, or Schwarzenegger?
level 70
Aug 16, 2017
What?! No "Babyface" Finster from the Bugs Bunny cartoon?!!!
level 39
Oct 17, 2017
Another SCOTUS member, Justice Kagan, has been photographed enjoying a cigar.
level 72
Dec 5, 2017
Run a Google image search for *Tito cigar* and then tell me why he's not included here ...
level 64
Jan 11, 2018
First, I don't envy you the comments of people who "suggest" which other answers should be included in your quiz. That said... The question on the U.S. president should be reworded or LBJ should be accepted. Yes, JFK preceded LBJ, but LBJ was older. So he too could be considered the "1st U.S. President born in the 20th century" depending on how that question is interpreted.
level 75
Nov 9, 2018
You have an extra > after your <\i> on "A Few Good Men".