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Famous Ohioans Quiz

It's the Buckeye State's turn! How many of these famous Ohioans do you know?
Last updated: April 30, 2019
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From Dayton
Airplane inventors
Wright Brothers
"West Wing" president
Martin Sheen
From Cleveland
"Price is Right" host
Drew Carey
Track star who won 4 golds
at the '36 Olympics
Jesse Owens
Notorious boxing promoter
Don King
Standard Oil founder
John D.
From Columbus
Top U.S. WWI flying ace
Golf's "Golden Bear"
Jack Nicklaus
From Cincinnati
President and
Supreme Court justice
William Taft
Bubbly blonde who sang
"Que Sera, Sera"
Doris Day
"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Harriet Beecher
Light bulb inventor
Thomas Edison
First man to walk on the moon
Neil Armstrong
First American in orbit
New Concord
John Glenn
Rhett Butler portrayer
Clark Gable
Led the Cavaliers to their
only championship in 2016
LeBron James
Rat Pack member
Dean Martin
Baseball's all-time wins leader
Cy Young
He accepted
Robert E. Lee's surrender
Ulysses S. Grant
Civil War general
who "marched to the sea"
William Tecumseh
Popularized the western novel
Zane Grey
1st President to die in office
North Bend
William Henry
Western female sharpshooter
North Star
Annie Oakley
Ms. magazine founder
Gloria Steinem
Buckeyes coach with five
national titles
Woody Hayes
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Maya Lin
President assassinated in 1901
William McKinley
"Cool Hand Luke" star
Shaker Heights
Paul Newman
level 22
Jun 7, 2012
My old art teacher was related to Eddie Rickenbacker.
level 76
Dec 23, 2014
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Eddie Rickenbacker pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.
level 73
Nov 3, 2014
So Edison is from Ohio AND Michigan? I thought he spent his "formative years" in Michigan.
level ∞
Nov 3, 2014
Yep. I might even throw him on the New Jersey quiz too!
level 67
Dec 23, 2014
I kept trying Bob Barker for Price is Right.
level 75
Dec 23, 2014
me too. I got the WW1 ace from The King of Kong.
level 68
Apr 30, 2019
I get him confused with the King of corn.
level 50
Dec 24, 2014
Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb. He made a more practical, marketable incandescent light.
level 68
Jul 31, 2018
Why is there no thumbs down for tired comments too?
level 84
Nov 26, 2018
Because this site is about positivity. Or at least positive negativity. Anyhow, the easiest way to appease those who agree with @Hammond7249 would be to simply put quotation marks around the word "invented."
level 54
May 24, 2016
Did you know Ohio is the only US state with at least one city/town that starts with each letter of the alphabet? See how many you can name! http://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/103225/ohio-cities-a-z
level 32
May 20, 2017
Some presidents are born great, and some are born in Ohio.
level 78
Mar 24, 2019
McKinley and Taft are generally considered to have been solid, slightly above-average presidents. But yeah, the rest of Ohio's list is not super great.
level 40
May 28, 2017
LeBron James > All
level 70
Jun 6, 2017
Bwahahahahaha! Right, because dunking a basketball is of such greater consequence than, oh say, pioneering space travel or inventing an airplane or light bulb. *barf*
level ∞
Apr 30, 2019
Added LeBron
level 71
May 1, 2019
what about stephen curry? dude was born in the same hospital as james
level 46
Oct 7, 2017
Where the heck is Lebron James and the Paul brothers?
level 62
May 1, 2019
No one likes Logan and Jake Paul.
level 78
May 1, 2019
Took me a minute to figure out why Josiah Bartlett did not work. Doh!
level 78
May 2, 2019
Because Josiah Bartlett is from New Hampshire.