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Famous Sculptures

Most of these answers are carved in stone! Based on the clues, how many of these famed statues (both past and present) can you name?
Quiz by CBTemple
First submittedOctober 6, 2012
Last updatedOctober 6, 2012
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Presidential carved mountain
Mt. Rushmore
Uncompleted Native American
warrior in the Black Hills
Crazy Horse
Stands on an island in NY harbor
Statue of Liberty
Considered Michaelangelo's triumph
Carved mountain
and Confederate memorial
Stone Mountain
Rodin philosopher
The Thinker
Armless figure of a Greek goddess
Venus de Milo
Statue recently removed
from Penn State
Joe Paterno
Half lion, half man near the pyramids
The Sphinx
Enigmatic figures on a Pacific island
Outside the United Center, Chicago
Michael Jordan
Fairy Tale character in
Copenhagen Harbor
The Little Mermaid
Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus
Carved temples near Aswan, Egypt
Abu Simbel
Overlooks Rio de Janeiro
Christ the Redeemer
Ancient wonder straddling a channel
Colossus of Rhodes
Torn down by US troops in Baghdad
Saddam Hussein
Seated figure in the Washington Mall
Lincoln Memorial
Tall monument in Trafalgar Square
Nelson's Column
Based on a Pulitzer-winning photo
Marine Corps Memorial
Reflective statue in Chicago's
Millennium Park
Cloud Gate
Ancient Greek sculpture depicting
a throwing motion
level 44
Sep 28, 2012
'the thinker' is also known as 'thinking man' in some places and other languages. can you accept this as alternative answer please?
level ∞
Sep 28, 2012
level 32
Sep 28, 2012
What about this giant shoe in iraq they made for the guy who threw his shoes after George W. Bush?
level 53
Oct 3, 2012
The actual name of the statue in Brazil is "Cristo Redentor" which translates to what you have here. Might want to add that as an answer.
level ∞
Oct 6, 2012
level 42
Aug 17, 2013
"Venus OF Milo" for Venus de Milo?
level 76
Aug 21, 2013
Yvonne OF Carlo? Olivia OF Havilland? Charles OF Gaulle? Cruella OF Vil? ;>)
level 70
Jul 30, 2018
President OF Gaulle is kind of fitting.
level 76
Feb 8, 2014
100% with 14 seconds left phewww! glad you accept alternative answers.
level 66
Nov 17, 2016
From the 7 I didn't get, 5 are in the US...
level 68
Jul 18, 2017
The description of Venus de Milo also fits for the Victory of Samothrace. Also, accepting "Venus of Milo" would be nice.
level 38
Jul 22, 2018
Why? - It's Venus DE Milo. I am so sick of people arbitrarily anglicizing names to cater to their limitations. Learn the correct terminology or accept no credit.
level 70
Jul 30, 2018
Who cares? You're both testing your own knowledge, right? If the right answer is the one you thought, good enough in Anonymityville.
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