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Notable Presidential Events

Based on the events, name the president who helped make it happen.
World Book of America's Presidents (Chicago: World Book Encyclopedia, 1982).
Quiz by CBTemple
First submittedApril 27, 2012
Last updatedApril 27, 2012
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The Panama Canal
Theodore Roosevelt
The Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln
The Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson
Teapot Dome scandal
Warren Harding
The New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt
"Father of the Constitution"
James Madison
First to be impeached
Andrew Johnson
Defeated the British at Yorktown
George Washington
Opened US diplomacy to China
Richard Nixon
Led US troops in the Civil War
Ulysses Grant
Led Allied forces on D-Day
Dwight Eisenhower
The Great Depression began
Herbert Hoover
The Monroe Doctrine
James Monroe
World's first nuclear bombing
Harry Truman
Washington becomes US capital
John Adams
Camp David accords
Jimmy Carter
End of the Vietnam War
Gerald Ford
War with Mexico
James Polk
Statue of Liberty dedicated
Grover Cleveland
Spanish-American War
William McKinley
level 76
Apr 26, 2012
Good catch! The clue has been corrected (subject to update).
level 21
Jul 27, 2012
how many guessed Clinton on the first to be impeached question?
level 43
Jan 15, 2014
US Involvement in Vietnam happened in 1973 under Richard Nixon. Also, this quiz doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason regarding the events happening when the president was actually in office. The "Father of the Constitution" is not an event (War of 1812 would be better for that particular president!) while having "The Monroe Doctrine" as an event for Monroe is also odd. It would be better to put "The Era of Good Feelings," or something such as that. With Washington, Grant, Madison, and Eisenhower you name events that happen before their presidency. It would be better to come up with events that happened during their terms in office...for Eisenhower for instance you could put "End of Korean War," and for Grant you could put "Reconstruction." Other than that and the fact that you should be able to enter each Roosevelt separately (such as, if you put in Theodore Roosevelt specifically, as I did, you should not get FDR too) this was a good quiz.
level 38
Jan 26, 2019
The quiz is excellent as it is.