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Fads of the 1960s

They took the world by storm....at least for a while. How many of these fads from the 1960s do you know --- or remember?
Quiz by CBTemple
First submittedAugust 21, 2012
Last updatedDecember 26, 2014
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Makes fascinating patterns
with blobs of wax
Lava Lamp
Spinning toy on a string
African-American hairstyle that is
groomed with a pick
Séance-themed game
Oiuja Board
A place below your backyard
for the coming nuclear war
Fallout Shelter
Very short skirt
Frizzy haired, wide-eyed dolls
Troll Dolls
Home-made psychadelic shirts
High-density rubber ball that
bounces really high!
Teardrop-shaped fabric pattern
of Persian origin
Aquarium pet not related to primates
Sea Monkeys
Lamp in another wavelength that makes
things appear to glow
Pants that flared widely below the knee
Bell Bottoms
Hippie gesture made with two fingers
Peace Sign
Wire-rimmed eyewear worn by Lennon
Granny Glasses
A bike seat that is really long
Banana Seat
Subculture of fashionable, scooter-
driving Brits. Enemies of the rockers
Dance based on a Chubby Checker song
The Twist
Style of art exemplified by Andy Warhol
Pop Art
High-collared jacket named after
the leader of India
Nehru Jacket
level 81
Dec 29, 2014
Typo: should be Ouija, not oiuja.
level 69
Oct 9, 2018
I agree in French and German.
level 75
Feb 6, 2015
Thank you for this quiz. It's nice to be able to answer from personal knowledge for a change, rather than things I learned from later generations on this site.
level 75
Feb 6, 2015
Not sure why Ouija boards are on a 60's quiz. The modern boards have been around since the 1800s, and they've had several periods where their popularity waxed and then waned. Same with yo-yos. Similar items have been available for centuries and the first Yo-yo Company product was marketed in the US in the 1920s and became very popular. Twister might be better as a game developed in the 60s, and Clackers might be considered rather than yo-yos as another 60s era toy.
level 78
Mar 7, 2018
or maybe G.I. Joe or Major Matt Mason...God I'm old
level 65
Feb 6, 2015
The term "frizzy" confused me on the troll dolls. Their hair was quite long, but I wouldn't consider it frizzy.
level 50
Feb 9, 2015
I agree. I had loads of these dolls, not all with frizzy hair.
level 46
Feb 6, 2015
This is so US-centric...
level 49
Feb 8, 2015
yeah since Miniskirts weren't warn in the UK first.. just in America right?
level 69
Oct 9, 2018
See? We have our first warning from the U.K.
level 36
Feb 7, 2015
If you want to get rid of a oiuja board, find out how to do it properly, don't put it in the trash or burn it. There can be negative forces attached and they can be spread by burning...I have heard stories. So the little work to do it right is worth it. BTW, I never heard of a bouncing ball like that... and those bicycle seats were the ones little boys used on their stingrays, right? Not really part of the 60s unless you include our barbi and ken dolls.... The 60s were when roller boards first became popular--and there's a LASTING fad! I rode mine constantly, unaware how they could be used by guys who knew what they could be using them for!
level 47
Feb 9, 2015
I love how this website has me reading up on the phenomenon of sea-monkeys for half an hour. Infobesity at its best.
level 50
Feb 9, 2015
Could you summarise please? I'm still not clear on what a sea monkey is/was. Some kind of shrimp?
level 75
Jan 1, 2017
Brine shrimp. You couldn't pick up a comic book in those days without seeing ads for sea monkeys on the back. "Just add water. Instant pets."
level 61
Mar 3, 2017
And the monkeys were drawn as looking like humanoid creatures relaxing at home, dad smoking his pipe and reading the newspaper, mom cooking dinner, junior playing with toys, etc. Imagine the disappointment of kids getting...shrimp.
level 69
Oct 9, 2018
Totally con job on little kids' hard earned paper route $.
level 61
Feb 9, 2015
PAISLEY is a town in Scotland.
level 53
Jul 11, 2015
VanJealous--looks to me like the NHS glasses had heavy plastic frames, often black--what we in the States would call "Buddy Holly glasses" What we called "granny glasses" were the wire-rims that John Lennon adopted later on. This website is based in the US, so most of the terminology comes from here.
level 75
Jan 23, 2017
I don't know about your part of the world, but where I'm from we call a "superball" a "high bouncer". You know, because it "bounces really high". It's... kind of obvious, really.
level 66
Jul 16, 2018
It was always called a "powerball" when I was a kid Can that be accepted too please ?
level 69
Oct 9, 2018
It was a play on words on the new fad, the Super Bowl.
level 67
Feb 28, 2018
I think nuclear bunker or nuclear shelter or underground bunker should also be accepted, as that is what they are known in my country AFAIK. Also I had an afro and did not groom it with a pick, but instead a special wide comb - an 'afro comb' - i think they had these in the 60s and 70s, as i got some second hand.
level 38
Mar 19, 2019
To keep the proper shape of the Afro, it should "picked" with a Pick. Combing it distorts its shape.
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