Most Liked Comments on Jetpunk

283,846 comments have been made on all 6,445 featured English quizzes. Can you fill in the blanks on the 20 most liked comments?
As of May 28, 2020
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Quiz by Simon1006
Last updated: May 29, 2020
First submittedMay 29, 2020
Times taken59
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Great quiz! Should sodium be on here, too?
Why are so many SA countries on here?
Because they have a lot of airports.
Pineapple on pizza is an abomination!
"____________" is not a country. Please refrain from making political statements through quizzes. Why would you put "_____________" but not a "Kurdish territories" or "South Ossetian Territories". Keep your political opinion away from JetPunk.
There's nothing political about accepting reality, and the reality is that Palestine is recognised as a country by most (137 of 196; 70%) of the world's countries. That recognition level is far greater than Kosovo (108) or Taiwan (23). It also has UN observer status, which is the same UN status as Vatican City, unlike Kosovo and Taiwan, which have no UN status at all.
Is ______ Asia?
Warning: Cyprus debates below
None of these countries matter
Neither does your opinion.
_______ on pizza is an abomination!
I am tempted to report you for that vile comment! :-) Pineapple is amazing on pizza!
Can anyone explain Vanuatu?
It was created by volcanoes, and that's why it's here today.
When I took geography in school, I never heard of a continent called Oceania.
then you should ask for a refund
How many times are we going to keep making these "name all the countries" quizzes? If you know all the countries, it's just the same quiz over and over.
But this justifies its existence because most people will have their own method to naming all them. Being forced to name them in a pseudo-random order can easily put people off track and make it more difficult. Also remember that there are many users on JetPunk who do not know all the countries, or perhaps know all the names but not their precise shape/location.
100% 24/24 and im only 12
me too and i am also 12. I know the capital of every country except the Caribbean and Pacific Islands
I got 25/24 and I'm only a fetus
Cyprus is the absolute bane of my existence on this site
The ultimate quiz for people who have nothing better to do
You scored 194/196 = 99%. This beats or equals 58.6% of test takers ...only on Jetpunk
Woah, this is amazing. Deserves a feature for sure, one of my new favorite quizzes. :)
North America and Europe...that's it? Wow. Worldly travelers they are not.
Isn't it obvious that people tend to visit countries nearer to where they live than ones further away?
Damn snakes are everywhere!!!
Yup, even on planes!
France made the list. Wow.
I'm smarter than a ________! What a way to start a Monday.
I tested this quiz on a chimpanzee. Not only did he fail to answer any of the questions correctly, he grabbed my laptop and smashed it to pieces.
Also, I know this is a sensitive topic. Please, if you are going to comment, be civil. And if you feel the need to argue with another commenter, maybe take a breath and ask yourself if arguing with a stranger on the internet is the best use of your time.
Level 61
May 29, 2020
To gather the data I wrote a Python script that first collected all links to featured quizzes from the All Quizzes table. The script then went to each of these pages and collected all comments made under that quiz from the html code (press Cntrl+U to see what it looks like). In the metadata surrounding the comment is, amongst others, the number of likes a comment received. Once all comments were retrieved I sorted by the number of likes to get to this list.
Level 72
May 29, 2020
Nice. How did you collect data for this quiz?
Level 61
May 29, 2020
I was just typing out what I did :). It's in the sticky comment
Level 72
May 29, 2020
I was expecting something of the kind. How long did you let it run?
Level 61
May 29, 2020
It took about 4 hours to collect and parse all the data, and write the most liked comments to an Excel file
Level 54
Jun 1, 2020
Amazing work! Could you share the excel if possible. I'm curious to know about my comment stats.
Level 61
Jun 2, 2020
I only saved the 500 most liked comments (28 likes and above) as otherwise the file would become huge. Sadly none of your comments made it to that cut-off. But it'd still be nice to share the sheet, is there any easy way to do that?
Level 54
Jun 3, 2020
Yes, Are you on the jetpunk discord? There are a lot of jetpunkers there and you could easily share the file there.

Hereis the discord server link

Level 51
Jun 11, 2020
Yes! Convert it to Google Sheets. Then, change the permissions to make it viewable to everyone on the Internet, and then send the link!
Level 61
Jun 12, 2020
@DodomaAstatine Putting it on Google Sheets would mean sharing my personal email with the internet, so I'd rather not do that. I'll try to put it on the Discord as KingEureka suggested.
Level 61
Jun 12, 2020
It is on the Discord now!
Level 49
Feb 3, 2021
this is off topic, but the discord invite does not seem to work anymore. would it be possible for you to put the link again?
Level 61
Feb 4, 2021
The link has indeed been changed a few times since June, the current one is on the Contact Page. Just click the Discord link there!
Level 50
Oct 8, 2020
None of Kalbahamut's comments?
Level 69
Nov 19, 2020
Yeah that was a surprise for me too, as well as no ander217 comments
Level 64
Jan 14, 2021
Very impressive and interesting quiz. Funny how the divide on a Pizza topping made the cut twice.
Level 49
Feb 3, 2021
i love the quiz! it must have been complicated to gather the data. good job!