Automobile Company Slogans Quiz

Name the car companies that use these slogans.
Quiz by mac212121
Last updated: May 30, 2012
First submittedMay 30, 2012
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Moving Forward
____ Runs Deep
Zoom Zoom
The pursuit of perfection
The ultimate driving machine
Grab life by the horns
Standard of the World
We are professional grade
GMC Truck
The future of the automobile
You'll never forget the first time you see one
Drivers wanted
SHIFT_the way you move
Imported from Detroit
Beauty is not enough
Alfa Romeo
Level 68
May 26, 2012
Never heard of Alfa Romeo before...
Level 51
Feb 3, 2014
What.....look it up on google images...
Level 78
Jun 15, 2014
I first heard of it in the movie, Dirty Dancing, but couldn't spell it. Kept trying alpha romero and other variations.
Level 63
May 30, 2012
Ram is not a car company. It is a model name for Dodge's line of trucks.
Level 53
May 30, 2012
Fiat? Who the hell...
Level 53
Jun 29, 2016
USA is not the only one country in the world
Level 29
Jun 1, 2012
Apparently, someone never watch the Graduate (Alfa Romeo Spider) or was alive in the early 90s (when Alfas were last sold in US). 'Ram' IS a standalone brand now, NOT just a model name. And Fiats are sold here and have lots of ads with the slogan so...
Level 50
Jul 4, 2012
Interesting point - slogans in the UK are different to those in the US.
Level 35
Oct 16, 2017
Daddy's Milk tastes like Honey Mustard.
Level 31
Aug 20, 2012
i thought volkswagens was "Das Auto"
Level 62
Jan 15, 2014
Same. And their slogan IS "Das Auto", but maybe it's different in America or something. Honestly, I barely recognised any of the slogans in this quiz, possibly because I'm from Europe. I was mostly just typing in random car companies and managed to get quite a few of them that way. xD
Level 45
Apr 11, 2014
I thought of "Das Auto" too.
Level 21
Oct 13, 2012
moving forward is that not what Obama says
Level 20
May 2, 2013
Haha... :)
Level 43
Jul 28, 2013
I've never seen an alfa romeo commercial and i've seen just about every u.s. tv market car commercial...and quite a few crazy and even some racy ones from overseas. As for fiat...I don't know...maybe i'm too distracted by the colonial america parody theme of their existing u.s. tv market commercial to hear the actual slogan.
Level 59
Jan 16, 2015
I knew one, but just kept adding brands as guesses. Make it a yellow boxes quiz.
Level 24
Mar 28, 2017
Darn i got everything except Mercedes Benz! At least i got 5/5
Level 54
May 8, 2017
Isn't Merc's motto 'The best or nothing'?
Level 71
May 15, 2017
While I had heard of the cars, I hadn't heard of most of the slogans. I just threw out car brands hoping they'd match.
Level 35
Oct 16, 2017
look at your nan shes 10million percent jewish just look at that 400000000000 meter long nose boiiiiii
Level 66
Apr 21, 2020
Level 18
Dec 7, 2017
Volkswagen is Das Auto.
Level 78
Mar 13, 2018
Without the yellow box, this is just "type in every car company you can think of".
Level 60
Feb 14, 2019
Isn't Nissan "Innovation That Excites?"
Level 71
Jun 4, 2019
The problem is that most brands have different slogans in different markets, and keep changing them. This selection doesn't include the most widely known, or the most memorable.
Level 41
Jul 19, 2019
According to here, Toyota's official slogan is "Let's Go Places", and has been since 2012.
Level 65
Jan 6, 2020
DEFINITELY to US-centric. Needs more French automobiles.
Level 43
Jul 26, 2020
Vorsprung durch technique. Everyone audi know that one.