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15,2412020-10-11 NBA Career Playoff Scoring Leaders
1,4192018-07-22Premières paroles de chansons
5332019-06-24NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders - Top 100
5162019-02-19NBA All-Star Game - Every selected players 2010-2018
4662020-09-08Dernier carré de la Ligue des Champions
3102020-10-15Toutes les équipes ayant joué en Ligue 1 (2000-2021)
2852020-09-07Top 3 de la Ligue 1
2762020-09-25Name a valid answer - Football/soccer
2672020-06-03Name a Valid Answer - NBA #2
1962020-09-08UEFA Champions League - Winners and finalists since 1990
1932018-07-20First Lines of Songs #7
1742018-06-24Ils sont morts en 2017
1702018-07-21First Lines of Songs #8
1602018-07-20First Lines of Songs #9
1582019-06-23NBA Players with at least 10 All-Star Game Selections
1502020-09-14NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award
1502018-05-25NBA Three-point contest - All participants
1442018-05-25NBA Slam Dunk Contest - All participants
1392017-11-16Équipe de France de rugby - Coupe du monde 2007
1382020-03-04NCAA Basketball - John R. Wooden Award Winners
1362019-06-27NBA Players of the Week - 2009/10 to 2018/19 season
1352018-07-22First Lines of Songs #10
1342018-05-22Meilleurs buteurs de Ligue 1 par saison
1322020-09-14NBA season assists leaders
1322018-06-09Équipe de France à la Coupe du Monde 2010
1322019-08-15Ils sont morts en 2018
1262020-09-14Vainqueurs des trophées français (Foot)
1222017-12-04NBA All-Star Game - Every selected players 2000-2009
1112020-06-05Hart Memorial Trophy - NHL MVP of the season
1082018-07-20First Lines of Songs #6
1062018-07-23NHL All-Star Team of the season
1032018-05-26Équipe de France - Coupe du Monde 2002
1022020-09-07Top 3 de la Bundesliga
1012018-06-05European NBA players - 2017/18 season
992020-09-14UEFA Champions League - Winning coaches
942020-09-17NBA season blocks leaders
922020-09-07Premier League Top Goalscorer since 2000
892020-09-07Bundesliga Top Goalscorer since 2000
852020-09-07Ligue 1 Top Goalscorer since 2000
852019-08-21UEFA Euro - Top 4 Positions
822020-09-14NBA annual rebounding leaders
782018-07-19Who Did That 1990s Song #3
772020-09-17All-NBA Third Team Players
742020-09-17All-NBA Second Team Players
732020-09-14NBA Rookie of the Year Winners
722020-03-04NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player
702020-03-03Team USA Basketball at the World Cup (2006-2019)
682018-06-03Équipe d'Allemagne de Football - Coupe du Monde 2014
682020-09-07La Liga Top Goalscorer since 2000
672017-11-16Équipe de France de rugby - Coupe du monde 2015
612020-09-07Serie A Top Goalscorer since 2000
582020-06-05Football - Best scorer for each national team
562018-05-27Vainqueurs de la Ligue des Champions de Handball (depuis 2000)
532018-05-25NBA career 3-point scoring leaders
512020-01-14Joueur africain de l'année
492020-03-18PFA Player of the Year Award since 1987
492020-09-08NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners
492020-09-07English football trophies winners
472018-05-25NBA Rookies of the month since the 2009/10 season
452018-07-12People with B initials #2
442018-12-15European NBA players - 2018/19 season
442020-02-28African Footballer of the Year
422018-07-23NBA playoff assists leaders
422020-09-08UEFA Champions League - Final Four
412018-07-12People with C initials #2
412017-06-12Football/Soccer Players by Country
392019-08-10Football - Most capped player for each national team
392018-08-11Team USA at the Olympics - 2006 to 2014 (Ice Hockey)
382020-01-14Golden Boy award
372020-09-14NBA Most Improved Player
352018-07-16People with M initials #2
342018-07-11People with K initials #2
342018-07-12People with E initials #2
332017-06-12Football/Soccer players by Country #3
332020-09-08NBA Three-point Contest Champions
322018-07-13People with A initials #2
302018-07-13People with L initials #2
302017-06-12Football/Soccer Players by Country #2
292018-07-12People with S initials #2
292018-07-12People with J initials #2
272018-07-14People with P initials #2
262019-11-15Rugby - IRB World Player of the Year
252018-05-25NBA career games played leaders
252018-08-08NHL All-Star Second Team of the season
242018-02-08NBA Nicknames
222019-11-18Équipe de France de rugby - Coupe du monde 2019
222018-02-07NBA players from all around the world - 2017/18 season
192018-07-16NBA Player to country
182018-02-09NBA Nicknames #2
182020-05-15English Football Teams nicknames
172020-06-02English Football stadiums
162018-07-23Team Canada at the Olympics - 2006 to 2014
142019-10-08Rugby Six Nations Player of the Tournament
132018-12-15NBA players from all around the world - 2018/19 season
112020-03-04USBWA National Freshman of the Year
102020-09-08Finalistes de l'Europa League