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5682018-11-13Dungeons and Dragons Main Classes
3502018-11-13Races in Dungeons and Dragons
2772020-02-18Top 5 Leagues European football champions - 2006+
2332017-12-12WWII Tanks - Germany
2152020-04-10All European football champions leagues - 2012 to 2019
2052017-12-12WWII Tanks - Soviet Union
1722018-11-13Dungeons and Dragons Aligments
1562017-09-27Eurobasket - Top 4 teams - Men
1552017-09-27FIBA Basketball World Cup - Top 4 teams at each tournament
1402018-11-13Dungeons and Dragons Abilities
1282017-10-10List of countries by Gold production
1102020-01-08Ancient Greek colonies - Modern name
992017-10-10List of countries by Copper production
722017-10-10List of countries by Aluminium production
712017-09-27FIBA Basketball World Cup - Total medals
682017-10-10List of countries by Lithium production
612017-12-12List of countries by Silver production
592017-10-11List of countries by Iron Ore production
522020-02-14WWII Tanks - UK
482017-12-12List of countries by Tungsten production
472017-10-10List of countries by Bauxite production
442017-10-12List of countries by Zinc production
412017-09-27Ancient Greek generals and admirals
392017-09-27Eurobasket medal count
342017-10-16Drizzt Do'Urden quiz
332017-10-10List of countries by Magnesium production
332020-01-21Athletic Club de Bilbao scorers with more than 100 goals
312017-12-12List of countries by Silicon production
292018-11-13Forgotten Realms Cities
282017-09-25Companions of the Hall - Forgotten Realms
272017-10-11WWII - Military operations in South and Western Europe
222017-12-06Athletic Club de Bilbao top all time apperances
172017-09-29Seven Sages of Greece
172017-09-27WWII - Military operations in Africa
82020-01-21Athletic Club de Bilbao managers with most games