Skyrim Trivia Quiz

How much do you know about the latest game in the Elder Scrolls series?
Quiz by Sixfootbeachgod
Last updated: March 30, 2012
First submittedMarch 30, 2012
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What is the name of the town that your character is about to be executed in at the beginning of the game?
What is the first name of the leader of the Stormcloaks?
What is the name of the zone under the College of Winterhold?
The Midden
Where can you find the Crimson Nirnroot in Skyrim?
What is the name of the brother of Alduin?
What facillity should you use a Sigil Stone with to create Deadric items?
The Atronach Forge
What is the name of the axe wielded by Ysgramor?
Which Thu'um is "Fus Ro Dah"?
Unrelenting Force
Who stole money and treasure from the Thieves Guild vault?
Mercer Frey
Where would you craft together The Gauldur Amulet?
Reachwater Rock
Which mythical animal is associated with The Ring of Hircine?
What is the main, central, pub in Riften?
The Bee and Barb
What are the three types of Elf races?
Wood, High and Dark
Which Alchemy ingedient is named after a part of the Dragon's body?
Dragon's Tongue
Who is the person in the Coffin in the Dark Brotherhood?
The Night Mother
Level 36
May 9, 2012
You should accept Dunmer, Altmer, and Bosmer for the types of elves.
Level 8
Jan 25, 2015
techinically, the falmer are snow elves
Level 70
Apr 9, 2015
Orsimer and dwemer are also mer.
Level 34
Nov 2, 2016
For the elf question it should be reworded to the playable races, you could also have 3 separate answers so they do not need to be in a specific order. I'd also say you should allow Altmer, Dunmer and Bosmer.