Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz

Identify characters, places, and things.
Quiz by huehuehue
Last updated: April 26, 2012
First submittedApril 26, 2012
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The Avatar
From whom did he learn airbending?
Monk Gyatso
With which fruit is a sky bison selected by a young airbender?
What Airbending transportation technique was created by Aang?
What is the name of Aang's Air Bison?
His Lemur?
Who was the Avater before Aang?
Before him?
What animal does Aang gain control of on Kyoshi Island?
Where does Aang go to meet Guru Pathik?
Eastern Air Temple
What does he learn to master when he is there?
The Avatar State
The Waterbender on Team Avatar
What is her mother's name?
What special form of waterbending does Katara learn from an old lady?
What spirit does Katara act like to help support a poor fire nation village?
The Painted Lady
Which imprisoned earthbender does she help?
What is the name of the Fire Nation war group that killed her mother?
The Southern Raiders
What is Gran-Gran's name?
Who is Katara's Waterbending master?
Who is the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe?
What is the young man's right of passage in the Southern Water Tribe?
Ice Dodging
Is Sokka a Bender?
Who was Sokka's girlfriend at the end of the series?
Sokka became a master _________
Who was Sokka's master?
Master Piandao
With which material does Sokka make his sword?
A Meteorite
What contest does Sokka enter in the episode, Tales of Ba Sing Se?
Sokka has a great ability to read _____
Sokka's first girlfriend in the series is Yue. What did she turn into?
The Moon
What is Sokka's favorite weapon?
His Boomerang
Two members of Jet's Freedom Fighters other than Jet seen in Ba Sing Se
Smellerbee and Longshot
Who is the master Earthbender on Team Avatar?
What is Toph's Earth Rumble VI alter-ego?
The Blind Bandit
If she is blind, then how does she see?
She uses her feet
What super wealthy family does Toph belong to?
What is their emblem?
Flying Boar
What is the special form of Earthbending that Toph develops?
Who was initially supposed to be Aang's Earthbending teacher?
Who was the first female Earthbender?
Who were the original Earthbenders?
The secret agency of Ba Sing Se
Dai Li
Who is their leader?
Long Feng
What is the Earth King's name?
What is the name of the Fire Prince?
What's his uncle's name?
Iroh is obsessed with ______
What is Iroh's nickname?
The Dragon of the West
Who was Firelord before Ozai?
When is all Firebending "turned off"?
During an Eclipse
What is the name of Zuko and Azula's cousin? (Iroh's son)
The name of Zuko's girlfriend is _______
What is the name of Zuko's mother?
With which civilaztion of people do Aang and Zuko learn firebending from the masters, Ran and Cha?
Sun Warriors
What is Sokka's nickname for the Fire Nation assassin sent by Zuko?
Combustion Man
What kind of bending is taught to Aang by a Lion Turtle?
The name of the highest security Fire Nation prison is ________________
The Boiling Rock
The known Firebenders who are a part of the Order of the White Lotus are Iroh and ______
Jeong Jeong
What is the name of the next Avatar?
What tribe is she a part of?
Southern Water Tribe
Level 19
Apr 25, 2012
There are other members of Jet's Freedom Fighters, you know. The first ones that occurred to me were actually Pipsqueak and The Duke. Those should be included too.
Level 14
Apr 26, 2012
oh crapp. thanks, ill fix that. i usually just consider the freedom fighters at ba sing se... so i changed the hint to include the ba sing se thing. sound good?
Level 31
Feb 10, 2016
Tried smellerbee, long shot, the duke, pipsqueak, in many different orders. If you have to type in two in the specific order and guess which order exactly it takes up a lot of time. I got cut short because of that. If youre gonna ask that I suggest making two separate spaces or even four.
Level 1
Apr 27, 2012
And I thought fandom was dead.
Level 37
May 8, 2012
This is a great quiz! Really challenging. (54/60)

Maybe adjust the Freedom Fighters question so that either name gets a point. I had Longshot, but couldn't think of Smellerbee.

Level 25
Jun 8, 2012
great quiz! love avatar! a few suggestions: could you add Kioshi for Kyoshi, Kiatsu (for gyatsu, that's what it sounded like in show), and also for the poetry answer could you add "haiku" too? thanks! that was fun :)
Level 70
Jun 29, 2012
Could you accept "Iceberg dodging" and "Haiku"? Also, I said "Through Earthbending" and "Feels vibrations" for the one about Toph, could those be acceptable?
Level 26
Jul 6, 2012
Got 59/60. Didn't know the "rite of passage" one. Also, Toph said she could see through "earthbending" as well. Great Quiz!
Level 17
Jan 12, 2013
I swear it took me like 10000000 guesses to spell Beifong and Azulon.
Level 33
Jul 5, 2017
maybe you could accept haiku as well because that's what Sokka was doing specifically.
Level 5
Feb 13, 2018
I love Avatar, I use too watch it all the time.
Level 79
Mar 12, 2018
Wasn't Sokka's nickname for Combustion Man, Sparky Sparky Boom Man?
Level 55
Dec 31, 2019
You should accept Haiku as well as poetry in the question about tales of Ba Sing Se
Level 50
May 24, 2020
I think sparky sparky boom man should be accepted for combustion man as well.
Level 46
Jun 28, 2020
Please accept haiku
Level 33
Jul 8, 2020
Replace "uses her feet" with Seismic Sense?