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22,5802022-01-17 Trace the Route of Marco Polo on a Map
17,4722023-03-17 Largest Asian-American Ethnic Groups
11,0522022-09-29 Trace the Route of Ibn Battuta on a Map
5,3102022-01-22 Tracez la route de Marco Polo sur une carte
3,7222023-03-14 Plus grands groupes asiatiques en France
2,9202022-01-18Trace the Route of Vasco da Gama on a Map!
2,8502022-01-19Trace the Route of Francis Drake on a Map
2,6152022-01-19Trace the Ferdinand Magellan Expedition on a Map!
2,5362021-08-31Trace the Route of Christopher Columbus on a Map
2,1732023-01-22 Tracez la route d'Ibn Battûta sur une carte
1,9782022-08-17Countries that Beat Malaysia
1,8242021-05-28Ethnicities of Iran on a Map
1,7452021-08-23Quel est ce Pokémon? - Silhouette Quiz
1,5452021-07-22"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Map Quiz
1,4302021-04-08Countries with Transgender Recognition
1,3092021-06-19South Asia in 1947 on a Map
1,2792022-01-18Trace the Route of Abel Tasman on a Map
1,2482021-08-22Who's That Pokémon? - Silhouette Quiz
1,2172021-08-19Ethnicities of China on a Map
9432020-12-21Empire Timeline Quiz
8002022-11-13Decipher the Coded Countries!
7982022-01-17Tracez la route de Christophe Colomb sur une carte
7782021-01-29The COVID-19 Pandemic Quiz
6912021-06-13Modern-Day Countries of Aksum on a Map
6772021-06-16Ethnicities of Iberia on a Map
6272021-07-28Real or Fake: Florida Edition
6222022-02-06Famous Indians
5492022-11-12Find Cities by Coordinates on a Map - Randomized!
4802023-02-03Countries by Atlas Obscura Description
4672021-08-15Avatar, le dernier maître de l'Air - Carte quiz
3872022-01-23U.S. States: Which Came First?
3772020-08-13Book by Setting Quiz
2812021-07-06Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Republic on a Map
2412021-05-17The Dictator Files: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
2392022-06-05Tracez la route de Ferdinand de Magellan sur une carte
2332021-06-08Disney Character Drawing Puzzle! (#QCCMovie)
2222022-01-10Dune Trivia
1772021-11-03Countries Symbolized on a Pirate Ship
1712021-01-11Famous Civil Wars
1612022-01-27Famous Leaders on a Political Compass
1592021-05-01Countries that Beat Bangladesh
1542019-08-10The Great Depression Quiz
1452022-01-21Traccia il Tragitto di Marco Polo su una Mappa
1412020-12-19The Dictator Files: Ruhollah Khomeini
1202021-09-03Good Omens Trivia
1162021-03-01Embarrassing Chapters in Spanish History
1012022-11-12Sequential Megacities By Distance on a Map
982022-05-13The Beatles Decoder
952021-06-24"History of the Entire World, I Guess" Fill-in-the-Blank
822020-12-20Least Urbanized Countries
812022-01-24Find U.S. Cities by Coordinates on a Map - Randomized!
792021-11-23Michael Jackson... or Prince?
752022-01-12Famous Mythologies
672021-05-20Clans of Japan in 1570 on a Map
642021-11-23John, Paul, George... or Ringo?
642021-08-02Find Cities by Latitude and Longitude on a Map
622021-07-27Russian Empire Quiz
562021-09-07The United Kingdom's Top 200 Novels
542019-08-07Asian American Populations By State
542023-03-16Plus grands groupes africains en France
532021-09-17Countries by Tobacco Consumption
512021-08-10Olympic Sports by Pictogram - Map Quiz
442022-11-18Languages Most Similar to Hindi
392022-01-13Linked Country Name Puzzle
372021-11-14Countries That Beat Peru
342021-07-07Biology Timeline "Map" Quiz
272019-07-29Famous American Activists
272023-03-13Largest African-American Immigrant Groups
272021-08-14Tile Select - World Leaders
272023-03-16Countries That Censor Wikipedia
272022-02-07The Traveling Wilburys Members
262023-03-17Driving: Left or Right?
262019-07-31US Newspaper by Circulation
252022-03-02Did They Say It?
242022-03-17Countries On The Golden Record (#QCC618)
212020-08-13Stayin' Alive Lyrics Quiz
192021-10-29A Quiz About Dragons
192021-10-29Iroh Quotes
172023-03-11Alternative Album Covers #QCCMusic
152023-01-25Famous Female Scientists
152022-09-29The Zanzibar Quiz
132022-12-15Waterloo Sunset Lyrics Quiz
122022-06-23Mark Twain Prize Winners Quiz