Asian Islands

Name these islands located in Asia.
Quiz by Kvkq
Last updated: October 6, 2019
First submittedNovember 7, 2013
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Most populous island of Japan
Northernmost of Japan's four
main islands
City-state on the tip of the
Malay Peninsula
"India's teardrop"
Sri Lanka
Resort island of southern Thailand
The eastern part of this island became
an independent country in 2002
Formerly known as Formosa
Indonesian resort island
Most populous island in the world
Manila's island
Volcanic island that erupted
spectacularly in 1883
World's second largest island
(often considered part of Oceania)
New Guinea
Largest of Japan's Ryukyu islands;
site of a bloody WWII battle
Shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei
Large southern Philippine island
Contains South Korea's highest mountain
Separated from Malaysia by
the Strait of Malacca
Large Yemeni island in the Arabian Sea
Largest in Russia, just north of Japan
Shares its name with the second
most populous city in the UAE
Abu Dhabi
Island country in the Persian Gulf
China's largest island
Level 82
Feb 26, 2014
Not very hard. I only missed Socatra.. never even heard of that one before. You could have included Cebu, Leyte, or Mactan... good potential clues for each of those.
Level 82
Feb 26, 2014
Cebu: location of the Philippine's 2nd biggest city; Leyte: where MacArthur promised he would return to; Mactan: where Magellan met his end at the hands of Lapu-Lapu.

Or you could include Australia, Tasmania, or New Zealand in the quiz and piss off some people who believe they shouldn't be part of Asia, that's fun, too.

Level 70
Feb 26, 2014
Before this quiz was featured, the percentage of correct answers were mostly around 85-65% with Socotra and Jeju at about 30%. I've heard about Cebu before, of course, but can't say I've heard of Mactan and possibly Leyte... seems familiar. I just didn't want to include another island from South East Asia. Could have put Gan, the largest in the Maldives or Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, or Kavaratti in the Lakshadweep Islands.
Level 82
Feb 26, 2014
/shrug/ up to you. Good quiz anyway. :) I've lived for 5 years on the Arabian peninsula and 3 months on the Korean peninsula- had definitely heard of Jeju before many times. Socotra not so much. Cebu, Mactan, Leyte... I've been to all of those so maybe I'm biased. Though Leyte was in the news a lot lately as the site of the worst devastation from typhoon Haiyan.
Level 54
May 6, 2014
If going for regional variety, I think Wrangel would definitely fit the bill.
Level 77
May 13, 2014
Taiwan is definitely bigger than Hainan.
Level 73
May 20, 2014
Yes, but Taiwan is considered an independent country, not Hainan
Level ∞
Oct 6, 2019
Level 38
May 18, 2021
yeah but taiwan isnt in china
Level 75
Dec 18, 2014
Good quiz... got 100% with 1:31 left...
Level 66
Sep 19, 2015
MacArthur landed on Leyte in World War II, and the largest naval battle in history took place in Leyte Gulf.
Level 55
Feb 8, 2016
Level 75
May 3, 2016
Ko Samui (aka Koh Samui) would also fit your southern Thai resort island clue.
Level 66
Aug 5, 2016
Aahh, Koh Samui - awesome holiday place :-)
Level 76
Aug 22, 2016
Fairly easy. Only missed Jeju.
Level 74
Sep 5, 2019
Maybe too Indonesia-centric, but otherwise, great quiz
Level 39
Sep 15, 2020
Difficult to avoid given there are thousands of Indonesian islands!
Level 59
Oct 7, 2019
20/22 Playing Europa Universalis relentlessly sure helped with this quiz, and geography in general.
Level 66
Oct 7, 2019
QM, thank you, thank you, thank you! A true breath of fresh air of a quiz! Asian islands all and not one of them qualified as "tiny."
Level 46
Oct 7, 2019
for timor, can you accept east timor i typed it but it didn't work
Level 56
Oct 7, 2019
Not what the island is called...
Level 73
Oct 7, 2019
East Timor comprises only the eastern part of Timor.
Level 76
Oct 8, 2019
You've certainly missed a trick here. What about: "50% of Jetpunk commenters think it's in Europe, despite lying between mainland Asia and Africa"...
Level 82
Oct 9, 2019
Yeah, that could nicely replace New Guinea...
Level 71
May 14, 2020
Never realised Sakhalin was bigger than Severny. Map projections playing tricks on my mind again!
Level 59
Aug 18, 2020