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Disney Feature Films by Character

Based on the characters, name the animated Disney movie.
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Quiz by angel0703
Last updated: September 3, 2018
First submittedOctober 16, 2012
Times taken151,606
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Magic Mirror, Sneezy, Huntsman
Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs
Mufasa, Nala, Rafiki
The Lion King
Flower, Faline, Thumper
Mushu, Ling, Chien-Po
Fairy Godmother,
Prince Charming, Drizella
Wendy, Mr. Smee, Tinkerbell
Peter Pan
The Genie, Iago, Abu
John Smith, Meeko,
Governor Ratcliffe
Tiana, Louis, Prince Naveen
The Princess and
the Frog
Rapunzel, Gothel, Flynn Rider
Mowgli, Baloo, Shere Khan
The Jungle Book
Phil, Meg, Hades
Clopin, Victor, Esmeralda
The Hunchback of
Notre Dame
Figaro, Stromboli, Geppetto
Lefou, Chip, Maurice
Beauty and the Beast
Princess Aurora,
Prince Philip, Maleficent
Sleeping Beauty
Anita Radcliffe, Pongo, Queenie
One Hundred and
One Dalmatians
Grimsby, Sebastian, Adella
The Little Mermaid
Penny, Miss Bianca, Bernard
The Rescuers
Duchess, Roquefort,
Thomas O'Malley
The Aristocats
level 28
Feb 7, 2014
Awesome quiz! 20/20 I grew up on Disney movies!
level 8
Jun 2, 2018
level 33
Mar 9, 2014
100% with time to spare!!!
level 37
Apr 15, 2014
You should not have to put "The" in front of all of the answers. Aristocats and Rescuers should suffice for an answer.
level 69
Jul 7, 2015
Those work.
level 35
Jun 7, 2014
Never seen princess and the frog. Probably should. I couldn't figure out the name for two other ones
level 84
Jul 7, 2015
It's really not worth your time. Probably the worst Disney animated film, bar none.
level 45
Jul 9, 2015
It wasn't that bad. I think the following movies are all a lot worse than Princess and the Frog: The Black Cauldron, Oliver and Company, Home on the Range, Chicken Little, Bolt, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Meet the Robinson's, Brother Bear, Melody Time, Saludos Amigos, and Make Mine Music
level 42
Aug 1, 2015
black cauldron is brilliant! Wash your mouth out!
level 63
Jun 25, 2017
My favourite: The Fox and the Hound.
level 77
Jun 25, 2017
plats and Poofsniffer are both wrong. Certainly The Princess and the Frog > Home on the Range, Dinosaur, or Chicken Little (my vote for hands-down-worst). But Bolt was great, Melody Time, Saludos Amigos, and Make Mine Music are all classics. The others listed were either pretty good or not that bad.
level 80
Jun 25, 2017
Interestingly, I recently rewatched Pocahontas. I used to think it was great, but I don't know if it's because I'm much older than the first time I watched it or if it's because I've seen a ton more movies. Because now I really don't like it. In my opinion it's the worst film of the Disney Renaissance Era.
level 21
Apr 11, 2018
Chicken Little is rly terrible tho.
level 77
Jul 5, 2018
I liked the soundtrack to Pocahontas but even as a teenager when I first saw it it felt like a bit of a let down after the many great films that came before it.
level 64
Jun 13, 2019
Ireally liked bolt, the hamster is hilarious! And the pigeons are so well animated/rendered
level 26
Jan 9, 2020
It's my absolute favorite of the newer Disney movies! There's so much more character development than some past Disney animations, the plot is wonderful, the characters are lovable and the music is amazing!
level 35
Jun 15, 2014
If your going to put Tangled in, why not put in Wreck It Ralph and Frozen?
level 32
Jun 23, 2014
I guess it's not every movie. There's also the sword in the stone, robin hood, the black cauldron, the adventures of ichabod and mr toad, song of the south, and dumbo. Probably more too.
level 76
Jul 7, 2015
Lady and the Tramp, Fantasia, Winnie-the-Pooh, Lilo & Stitch,...with all those mentioned it still leaves nearly 20 more to choose from, and that's only the animated films by Disney and none by their other affiliates such as Pixar, nor their live action films. Too many to list all of them on one quiz.
level 14
May 31, 2017
level 47
May 30, 2018
You sound just like my friend
level 35
Jul 28, 2014
You should make a sequel.
level 20
Sep 23, 2014
Nice quiz.
level 10
Nov 17, 2014
got'em all with 1:05 to spare i was raised on disney movies so were my sibling's !!!! : p
level 14
Feb 20, 2015
good quiz only didn't get the rescuers. You could change the yellow box around so it was easy enough
level 5
Jul 8, 2015
Love the quiz 20/20!
level 44
Jul 12, 2015
The Rescuers and its sequel are delightful! It's a shame they are so underrated
level 17
Mar 16, 2016
This is amazing and VERY difficult for me, because I'm and I didn't know any movie in English, but, it is really interesting (at least for me).
level 50
Mar 31, 2016
The only one I missed... 'The Little Mermaid'. Shame on me. :p
level 25
Jan 9, 2017
Sebastian was the one that did it for me. The best sidekicks always sing!
level 24
Jun 26, 2017
20/20! Yay! But i did get stuck on the Rescuers..
level 14
Aug 21, 2017
Good. The Black Cauldron isn't on here. That movie (well I should say the Horned King) gave me nightmares.
level 45
Jan 2, 2018
only 33% know The Rescuers??? REALLY?????
level 67
Aug 22, 2018
I vaguely remember it but can't remember the characters' names.
level 33
Jan 25, 2018
Couldn't remember The Aristocats... I'm a dog person...
level 58
Mar 18, 2018
Couldn't remember the rescuers for the life of me! Tried Adventure mouse, Adventure mice, rescue mouse, rescue mice and the adventures of Bernard and bianca xD
level 67
Aug 22, 2018
No love for Robin Hood or Lady and the Tramp? Those were my two favorites as a kid.
level 64
Jun 13, 2019
Bah .. the tangled one got me... It is called rapunzel here ! So I thought huh there is another movie where they show up?? some sort of cameo? I was so confused..
level 36
Jul 10, 2019
Yea I missed the Princess and the Frog but I only saw it once
level 38
Dec 9, 2019
In Norwegian The Rescuers is just called "Bernard & Bianca" so while I knew exactly which movie it was I had no idea what it was called haha