Provinces of the Netherlands

Name the twelve provinces of the Netherlands.
Quiz by Cwej
Last updated: April 6, 2021
First submittedMay 3, 2012
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Noord Brabant
Noord Holland
Zuid Holland
Level 74
Dec 9, 2015
Oh no, having read thousands of times that Holland is just a province I thought that would be an easy guess... didn't think of adding North and South!
Level 65
Jan 27, 2019
Welcome to the Great nation of Holland: where the tulips grow, the windmills turn, the breakfast is chocolatey, the people industrious, and the sea tries to drown it all.
Level 71
Oct 12, 2019
Level 75
Feb 7, 2020
This country isn't Holland.
Level 68
Mar 29, 2020
Level 57
Dec 29, 2020
Ah yes CGP Grey
Level 65
Mar 26, 2016
Thanks EU4! :)
Level 35
Apr 27, 2016
My thoughts exactly
Level 52
Mar 30, 2016
Very happy that you put the Limburgish flag in the image! :)
Level 59
Apr 27, 2016
King's day today! Apparently I was born in the second least guessed and now live in the least guessed province...They should send more tourists our way :)
Level 70
Apr 27, 2016
How thoughtful to show this quiz on the front page today. :) Happy King's Day everyone! Fijne Koningsdag!
Level 81
Apr 27, 2016
So weird to move that holiday 3 days and then change the name. It's never even been called King's Day before, Princess's Day or Queen's Day. Beatrix didn't move it even if it wasn't her birthday.

I got 8/12 and feel a bit ashamed. I lived 4 years in Limburg after all.

Level 57
Apr 28, 2016
Well, I believe the reason why Beatrix didn't change the date of Queen's day when she got on the throne is because of the fact that her birthday is somewhere in january. The weather is (generally) much nicer in april and since there are so much outdoor activities on Queen's day she chose not to change it. For Willem-Alexander the situation is different because his birthday is in april as well. I wonder what his eldest child Amalia will choose to do for Queen's day when she'll be queen, since her birthday is in december.
Level 37
Oct 4, 2016
It could also be that Beatrix left it as April 30th out of love and respect for her Mother, Queen Juliana. How sad that the younger generation suffers such a dearth of appreciation for their elders.
Level 57
Apr 28, 2016
Me being an American and knowing only very basic Dutch geography (if that), I literally got zero on my first try! I did try Holland, although I didn't realize there was a North and South.
Level 67
Jun 21, 2016
Level 47
Feb 11, 2018
I saw in a video that Holland refers to North Holland and South Holland, so I got those two, but other than that.............
Level 66
Aug 28, 2016
really surprised that Fryslân is 4th most guessed! would've thought Utrecht and Limburg would be higher...
Level 71
May 31, 2017
Actually Fryslân is the correct name for the province. "Friesland" is a translation, but not the offical version. Fryslân should be the name which shows up (even though both should be acceptable answers).
Level 71
Jun 13, 2018
@Daan. Without going into the dialect/language question, the name of the province is really Fryslân, whether another name is more common or not. A little like Ivory Coast, we can all call it that, still doesn't mean it's the name of the country (which is Cote D'Ivoire). The offical website will only show the Frisian name, even if you display the site in Dutch rather than Frisian:
Level 25
May 9, 2018
In the UK, Friesian cows possibly contribute partly to name recognition, for my part, it's one of four northern provinces I have yet to visit/drive through. Once you have visited a few times it gets fairly easy to remember which you have and haven't visited and as such one of the easier (for me at least), geography quizzes.
Level 45
Aug 7, 2018
@Daan: Frisian is not a dialect. It's a language. And it's actually more closely related to English than to Dutch.
Level 61
Aug 3, 2020
There's no scientific, linguistic difference between a "language" and a "dialect". The distinction is political.
Level 67
Dec 28, 2017
My ancestors immigrated to the US from Groningen and Zeeland.
Level 75
Dec 1, 2018
South Holland is out of alphabetical order.
Level 86
Dec 14, 2018
if in dutch like the rest north and south in the answers should be noord and zuid and would be in the right place.
Level 74
Mar 31, 2021
Hi Cwej,

First of all thanks you for this great quiz!

I wanted to tell you that I have made a French version of this quiz. I am sorry I didn't ask you first. If it bother you I can delete my version.

Level 51
Jun 28, 2021
Any reason why 'Guelders' isn't accepted for Gelderland? It's a pretty common English-language version of the name that goes back to the middle ages.
Level 42
Nov 9, 2021