Breaking Bad Trivia

See how much you know about AMC's Breaking Bad.
Quiz by Gforce1001
Last updated: September 18, 2012
First submittedSeptember 18, 2012
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Type of Car Walter White Drives
Pontiac Aztec
Type of Disease Walt Jr. Has
Cerebral Palsy
How many times is Hank shot?
Last names of "the Cousins" a.k.a Hank's Assassins
Hank's DEA weapon of choice
Glock 22
Main Ingredient of Meth found in match-tips
Red Phosphorus
The tips of "the Cousins" boots are silver what?
Walt and Jesse's Special Meth Color
Blue Sky
Tuco's Favored Weapon
Who Kills Tuco?
Walt's "Other" name
Walt Dons What While Being his Alter-ego?
porkpie hat
Skylar Becomes Lead Bookkeeper where?
Beneke Fabricators
Skylar Sings What to Ted?
Happy Birthday, Mr. President
Walt Jr. Needs What to Help With His Disabilities?
What Two Element Make Up the Name Breaking Bad?
Bromine and Barium
What is on Top of Walt and Jesse's "Superlab?"
Industrial Laundry Facility
Gus's Full Name
Gustavo Fring
Jane Dies of What?
Choking on Vomit
Jesse Listens to What to Help Cope With Jane's Death?
Her Voicemail
How Does Season 3 Abrubtly End?
Jesse shooting Gale
The Only Mention of Breaking Bad is in What Episode?
Episode 1, Season 1
Jane's Drug of Choice
Jesse's Aunt and Walt Share What?
Walt Reveals What to Skylar Accidentaly in Pre-Op?
Presence of a Second Cell-Phone
What Scientist does Walt use for his Alter-Ego?
Werner Heisenberg
Level 32
Sep 17, 2012
A bit too hard with the answers, but very good questions!
Level 21
Sep 18, 2012
Sorry about the tough answers I am fixing them now!
Level 21
Oct 11, 2013
Level 72
Oct 25, 2013
I believe Walt wears a porkpie hat, not a fedora.
Level 38
Apr 27, 2014
Typed in two phones, second phone, has two phones, got nothing.
Level 75
Apr 28, 2014
This quiz needs work. Heroin is misspelled. Overdose should be accepted for cause of death. Skylar also became the bookkeeper at the car wash.
Level 26
Sep 8, 2014
Not too hard. Hanks weapon of choice is way too hard. Also, its Aztek not Aztec.
Level 85
Nov 20, 2015
Needs a lot of work.
Level 54
Jun 13, 2016
Here's some more Breaking Bad trivia!
Level 65
Oct 23, 2019
The questions are mostly fair, if a little difficult, but the answer type-ins are way too specific. Hank's weapon, Tuco's weapon, what Walt wears when in his alterego (he also wears sunglasses) and "only mention of Breaking Bad" especially. I tried "pilot," "first episode," and "Episode 1" and none of them worked. You need to give us some indication if you're looking for something as specific as "Episode 1, Season 1." I also put "laundromat" for the question regarding what's on top of the superlab, and it wasn't accepted. I know it's not a regular laundromat, but it's hard to guess you want "industrial laundry." The last question is a repeat of another question, but for some reason in the last question you require Heisenberg's first name, but you don't require that in the earlier one. Good concept but this needs a lot of work.