Famous In WW2

Name famous happenings, people, places and operations during World War 2!
Quiz by NoahRYS
Last updated: May 17, 2012
First submittedMay 17, 2012
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Germany's Plans To Invade Russia
Operation Barbarossa
Country Where Most U.S Troops Were Based Before Heading To Europe
Operation Where Allied Troops Parachuted Into Holland
Operation Market Garden
Allied Forces Land In Normandy
Hitler's Attempts to 'Purify' The World
Britain's Famous General In North Africa
Field Marshal Montgomery
The Last Pacific Island The Allies Took
Italy's Leader, He Was Executed
Benito Mussolini
When Britain's Troops Pulled Out Of France In 1940
Dunkirk Evacuation
The Most Famous Concentration Camp
Britain's Pri-Minister During WW2, Before Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
City In Russia Where Germany Were Effectively Defeated
Hitler's Wife
Eva Braun
Level 13
May 18, 2012
Thank you if you took the quiz!
Level 37
May 25, 2012
good quiz, dude.
Level 71
Nov 28, 2012
You should accept either Final Solution or Endloesung as an alternative to Holocaust.
Level 20
Dec 15, 2012
final solution was not the plan, it was only introduced later in the war. The holocaust is the correct name for it
Level 38
Oct 20, 2018
the holocaust is a 1980's invention, the word is Greek and means death by fire so why we attribute it to the killing of the jews is slightly odd
Level 12
May 15, 2013
dude, England is in Europe, that's confusing as it can be, change it
Level 35
May 9, 2019
I agree
Level 69
Nov 11, 2013
I knew what it meant, but a "city in Russia where Germany was defeated" could apply to almost any city in Russia during the 1943-5 campaigns.
Level 71
Feb 20, 2014
It's 'Prime Minister', not "Pri-Minister" :)
Level 28
Dec 15, 2014
Agreed. Prime Minister!
Level 28
Dec 15, 2014
Not only is it Prime Minister instead of Pri-Minister, England is in Europe and is not technically a sovereign country anyway!

'Which country did the majority of US forces gather and train in prior to the D-Day Invasions' answer: United Kingdom, would be far better.

Level 70
Jan 19, 2015
Should be based in UK (some in Wales/Scotland/England) ....... should be where British troops were evacuated from France in 1940 ........ should be the most INFAMOUS concentration camp ...... should be Hitler's girl friend .. otherwise interesting quiz.
Level 37
Nov 4, 2017
Why are Iceland, the United Kingdom and Ireland considered part of Europe? - Do any of them share a land mass with the continent? -

Or is this another political ploy, like Egypt being in the Middle East?

Level 47
Apr 20, 2019
Well what continent are they in then?
Level 32
Mar 8, 2020
Actually the nazis didn't call it the holocaust they called it "the final solution".
Level 31
Oct 15, 2020
Troops didn't parachute into Holland during Market Garden. They landed in Gelderland and North-Braband to be precise. Holland is just the westerly part of The Netherlands.