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Long Form Country Name Filler

Fill in the blanks in the official English-language names of the countries below.
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Long-Form Country Name
Principality of Andorra
Commonwealth of Australia
People's Republic of Bangladesh
Plurinational State of Bolivia
Federative Republic of Brazil
Nation of Brunei,
the Abode of Peace
Union of the Comoros
Arab Republic of Egypt
Federal Republic of Germany
Hellenic Republic
Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Islamic Republic of Iran
State of Israel
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Former Yugoslav Republic
of Macedonia*
United Mexican States
Federated States of Micronesia
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Sultanate of Oman
* (Name used by UN, not by Macedonia.)
Independent State
of Papua New Guinea
Russian Federation
Democratic Republic of
São Tomé and Príncipe
Most Serene Republic of San Marino
Democratic Socialist Republic
of Sri Lanka
Swiss Confederation
United Republic of Tanzania
United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
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level 73
Mar 5, 2013
Canada is included in the hints, but there is nowhere to answer for it.
level 49
Mar 5, 2013
Yes, that's correct. Canada doesn't have any filler in its name. It's on the list because it's different from all the others.
level 49
Apr 17, 2013
That doesn't really make sense to me.
level 73
May 2, 2013
I was just going to comment that i love the inclusion of Canada in the quiz. It's the only country without a long-form name. It's like trivia within trivia. Like 'Trivia-ception'
level 49
May 2, 2013
Well, it's not the only such country. See Belize, Hungary, etc. But I did want to include an example of the no-filler pattern, and Canada seemed like the best choice.
level 5
Jun 13, 2013
Except Canadia, of course.
level 42
Mar 10, 2017
I think Turkmenistan is just Turkmenistan, isn't it?
level 40
Mar 25, 2013
Great quiz ThirdParty! Really made me think... work for it. I thought I did terribly... but somehow I seem to have beaten pretty much all.
level 49
Jun 15, 2014
How about Burma: Republic of the Union of Myanmar?
level 49
Jun 16, 2014
The U.N. calls it the "Republic of the Union of Myanmar", but the U.S. calls it the "Union of Burma". In general when the U.N. and U.S. disagree, Jetpunk uses the U.S. definition; for example, Kosovo is included in the Countries of the World quiz.
level 55
Dec 23, 2016
I did crap, but interesting facts
level 56
Jan 7, 2017
I would have gotten Jordan if I remembered how to spell Hashemite
level 42
Mar 10, 2017
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