Hunger Games Quiz-Like Thing!!!!!

Think you know the Hunger Games? Take this quiz to find out!
Quiz by JoJoLuv
Last updated: May 30, 2012
First submittedMay 30, 2012
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Who is the "girl on fire?"
Katniss Everdeen
Who are the muttations in the first book, really?
The dead tributes
What is Katniss trying to sell when Peeta gives her the bread?
Old baby clothes
What is the program where district kids can enter the Reaping extra times for grain and oil?
What year did Haymitch win the Hunger Games?
The 50th (second Quarter Quell)
What is the place where the winners of the Hunger Games get to live?
The Victor's Village
How many times was Gale whipped in Catching Fire?
What is Finnick Odair wearing when he meets Katniss at the opening ceremony?
A fishing net
What does he (above) offer Katniss?
A sugar cube
What does Cinna turn Katniss into at the Catching Fire interview?
A mockingjay
Who is killed underneath the streets of the Capitol by a beam of light?
What are the names of the "insects?"
Castor and Pollux
What do Katniss and Gale compare shooting the Capitol hoverplanes to?
Hunting geese
Who is the commander of the rebels in District 2?
What is planted around Katniss's house after the war?
Evening primrose
What is the nickname for Katniss's war regiment?
The Star Squad
Who trains for and joins the army along with Katniss?
Johanna Mason
What does the army believe Katniss's weakness is?
Not being able to follow orders
How is Johanna tested on the Block?
The street is flooded
Who decorates Annie and Finnick's wedding cake?
What kills Finnick?
Lizard muttations
What method is used on Peeta to distort his memories of Katniss?
Who is sent in to test Peeta's hostility towards Katniss?
Delly Cartwright
Who is the only person connected to Katniss that Peeta remembers without lashing out?
Her father
Who is the former Hunger Games stylist that assists Katniss's war team in the Capitol?
What does Katniss shout at the camera in District 8?
"If we burn, you burn with us!"
What is the device called that allows the regiment leader to point out Pods on a city block?
A Holo
What does Snow leave in Katniss's house?
A white rose
Who does Katniss get married to?
How many years does it take for Katniss to agree to have children?
Level 10
May 31, 2012
great quiz! you must like Mockingjay the best!! :) personally my favorite is Catching Fire but they are all suuper amaazing :) lovd it :)
Level 7
May 31, 2012
Thanks! i love the series SOOOO much!
Level 23
Feb 24, 2013
could you accept "disobeying orders" for katniss' weakness please??? great quiz!! xx
Level 18
Sep 25, 2013
You really need to add more time... There just isn't enough!!