Quizzes by Insaniot

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Insaniot
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Times taken 9,958
Quizmaker Rank # 869
8712020-10-01Franchises in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
8372020-10-01Category Elimination - Super Smash Bros. Fighters
3182019-05-26Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms
3062020-08-06Best Selling Nintendo Switch Games
2502020-08-31Legend of Zelda games with "Link" in the title
1672019-12-11Countries but all Vowels are Changed to "O" - Random Edition
1382020-01-19Wii Sports Sports
1342020-08-23Name a Country A-Z
1332020-06-21Word to Ladder Word Ladder
1332020-03-11Left to Right Word Ladder
1332019-10-21Echo Fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
1252019-11-25Book to Movie Word Ladder
1242019-12-06New Super Mario Bros. Power Ups
1242019-12-12Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters in Order of Appearance
1222019-05-27Super Mario 64 Worlds
1032019-09-06Which Smash Bros. Thing...
1012020-10-15Super Smash Bros. Character Debuts
992020-09-25Mario Kart Characters that Appeared in One Game
972018-06-11Countries but all Vowels are Changed to “O” #1
962018-04-05Mario Kart Veterans
932019-05-24Smash Bros. Crossword
782020-10-06Nintendo Amiibo
692020-01-30Pokémon that Start with the Same Letter as Their Type
682019-10-27Super Smash Bros. Fighters #01 - The Mario Quiz
682019-12-02Super Mario Games
662020-04-14Crossover Mario Kart Characters
652020-06-16Sony Consoles
652020-10-20Video Game Controllers
652019-10-16Bull to China Word Ladder
652020-03-11All Mario Kart Tracks
642020-10-01Smash Bros. Word Scramble
642020-07-08Video Game Consoles with Longest Lives
632019-11-10Super Mario Party Characters
612020-02-11Super Smash Bros. Fighters #70 - The Piranha Plant Quiz
602020-09-17Super Smash Bros. Fighters #09 - The Luigi Quiz
592018-05-18Capitals but all Vowels are Changed to “O”
562019-09-13Super Smash Bros. Fighters #06 - The Kirby Quiz
562018-05-15Fill-in-the-Blank Steamed Hams
552020-03-24Animal Crossing Games
552018-07-12Nintendo Home Consoles (With Pictures)
552019-09-13Characters I want in Super Smash Bros
542019-02-20Countries but all Vowels are Changed to “O” #3
542020-10-01Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters That Start With S
532019-03-28The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Divine Beasts
532020-10-02Super Smash Bros. Fighters by First Playable Appearance
502019-11-27Pokémon with Galar Forms
492020-10-01Super Smash Bros. DLC Characters
492019-05-16Super Mario Maker 2 Game Themes
492020-10-01Third Party Smash Bros Characters
482018-05-18Countries but all Vowels are Changed to “O” #2
472019-09-30Super Smash Bros. Fighters #08 - The Pikachu Quiz
472018-10-25Countries but no Letters are Repeated
462019-05-31Best Selling Games on Nintendo Consoles
452019-11-20Capitals but all Vowels are Changed to “O" - Random Edition
442020-06-22Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters with Reflectors
432020-01-17Stages not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
432018-02-22Provinces, Territories and States with Cardinal Directions in Them
412019-03-19Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters That Start With L
402019-10-29Super Smash Bros. Fighters #51-53 - The Mii Quiz
402019-12-06Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Franchises With the Most Music
392019-12-17Franchises in Super Smash Bros. (N64)
382019-11-27Super Smash Bros. Secret Characters
382020-10-01Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Newcomers
382018-10-19Super Mario Sunshine Worlds
382020-10-01Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters by Number
382018-10-19Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Cities
372018-10-05The “-est” Quiz
372019-09-23Super Smash Bros. Fighters #03 - The Link Quiz
372020-08-20Types of Pikmin
372020-06-22Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters That Start With M
372018-09-27Final Smash to Character
362019-05-31Minecraft Trivia
362018-09-18Super Smash Flash 2 Characters
362020-08-23Nintendo’s Best Selling Games by Year
352020-06-02Characters with the Most Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits
352018-09-18Cut Characters in Smash Bros
352019-05-28Mario Kart DS Tracks
342019-10-29Super Smash Bros. Fighters #55 - The Pac-Man Quiz
342019-09-12Pokémon that are Actual Words
332020-10-16Mario Kart Tour Tracks
332019-09-13Super Smash Bros. Fighters #28E - The Dark Pit Quiz
332019-11-01Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics
312018-04-20Most Guessed - The Letter “A” and “B”
302018-10-02Mario Kart Series Items
302020-09-08Characters with Most Amiibo
292018-12-18Super Smash Bros. Melee Newcomers
292018-10-12Most Guessed - The Letter “C” and “D”
292018-10-19Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Power-Ups
292020-01-06Super Smash Bros. Fighters #38 - The Sonic Quiz
292018-05-10Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Battle Stages
292019-03-273-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 5 (Unova)
282019-12-17Super Smash Bros. Fighters #69 - The Incineroar Quiz
282018-05-10Countries that Alternate Between Vowels and Consonants
282018-05-11Mario Kart 7 Tracks
282018-10-05Nintendo Characters
282020-06-15Super Mario Maker Course Parts
282018-05-10Main Series Kirby Games
282018-05-10Mario Kart Wii Karts
272019-04-18Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Mansions
272019-06-10Super Smash Bros. Bosses
272019-05-23Best-Selling NES Games
272018-10-26Legal Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Stages
272020-09-24Minecraft Mob Word Scramble
272019-10-27Super Smash Bros. Fighters #42 - The R.O.B. Quiz
262020-03-30S Tier Characters in Super Smash Bros.
262018-09-18Super Smash Bros. Melee Stages
252019-03-273-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 7 (Alola)
252020-09-20Best Selling SNES Games
242019-03-27First Pokémon with Single Typing
242019-03-27First Pokémon with Typing
242018-05-10Mario Kart Lightning Cup Tracks
242020-04-24Franchises in Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS
242018-05-10Not an April Fool’s Day Quiz by Insaniot
242018-11-28Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stages Without Fighters
242019-02-20Video Games with Character Names in the Title
232019-11-20Grass Type Pokémon
232020-01-15Super Smash Bros. Fighters #10 - The Ness Quiz?
232019-06-03Super Mario 3D World Levels - World 1
222018-05-10Most Guessed - Video Games
222018-05-10Mario Kart 64 Battle Stages
222019-04-25Super Mario 64 Power Stars: Bob-omb Battlefield
222019-11-20Largest and Smallest Pokémon in a Generation
222018-10-19Pokéball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros.
212018-10-30Super Mario Odyssey Hats
212019-09-24Super Smash Bros. Fighters that Mostly Appear in Smash Games
212018-10-19Highest Rated Mario Games
212018-05-16Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tracks
202020-09-17Super Smash Bros. Fighters #50 - The Greninja Quiz
202019-09-16Mario Games Without "Mario" in the Title
202019-11-20Largest Pokémon
202019-03-27Least Guessed Gen 1 Pokémon
202018-10-19Mario Games for the WiiU
202019-03-273-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 4 (Sinnoh)
202019-03-04Video Games by Letter - “A”
192019-10-29Super Smash Bros. Fighters #54 - The Palutena Quiz
192018-12-03Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages
192019-04-13Super Smash Bros. Brawl Newcomers
182020-07-09Legal Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stages
182019-02-26Franchises in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
182020-10-13New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stages
182019-09-193-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 6 (Kalos)
182018-12-10Video Games by Letter - “B”
182019-11-19Mario Kart Games
182018-10-02Pokémon but all Vowels are changed to “O”
182020-02-27Video Games by Letter - “M”
172020-07-20Pokémon Name Origins #2
172018-10-25Question Picross
172019-01-14Highest Rated Zelda Games
172019-01-16Sonic the Hedgehog Games
162018-05-10Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 Tracks
162019-03-273-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 1 (Kanto)
162019-09-12Retro Stages in Super Smash Bros.
162019-06-05Pokémon Name Origins
162019-05-13Super Mario 64 Power Stars: Whomp’s Fortress
162018-10-19Paper Mario: Sticker Star Characters
162019-04-02Video Games by Letter - “L”
152019-09-26Super Smash Bros. Fighters #64 - The Inkling Quiz
152019-03-273-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 2 (Johto)
152020-05-18Super Smash Bros. Fighters by Emoji
152019-03-27Consequent Pokémon that Start with the Same Letter (1)
152019-03-27Largest Generation 1 Pokémon
152020-08-06JetPunk Trivia
152019-09-23Premature Super Smash Bros. Fighters
142020-10-22Super Mario Galaxy Power Stars: Terrace
142019-06-07Super Mario Strikers Series Team Captains
142018-10-23Rhythm Heaven Fever - Remix 10
142018-12-10Video Games by Letter - “W”
142020-08-22Video Games by Letter - “S”
142020-04-1425 Highest Rated Wii Games
142019-03-273-Stage Pokémon Evolutions 3 (Hoenn)
132018-05-10Super Mario Kart Tracks
132019-11-20Smallest Pokémon
132019-11-20Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Stages
132019-10-01Mario Kart Retro Tracks
132018-05-10Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2 Tracks
132018-05-10Most Guessed - Gen 1 Pokémon
132019-09-27Miitopia Jobs
132020-01-06Pictures I like to use on JetPunk
132019-03-073DS Variations
132019-11-19Mobile Nintendo Games
132019-06-06Last Nintendo Console First Party Games
132018-04-09Kirby’s Epic Yarn Worlds
132019-03-27First Three Pokémon by Letter
132020-04-14Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mario Spirits
122020-09-29Video Games by Letter - “D”
122020-10-04Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii Fighter Costumes
122020-10-14Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Franchises with the Most Remixes
122018-10-19Super Mario Maker Game Themes
122019-12-16The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Items
122020-06-29Super Smash Bros. Fighters #76 - The Min-Min Quiz
122019-03-06Video Games by Letter - “E”
112020-06-22Super Smash Brothers Characters
112019-12-16The Wiggles
112020-05-15Video Games by Letter - “T”
112020-10-15Legend of Zelda games without “Zelda” in the title
112018-10-19Paper Mario: Sticker Star Thing Stickers
112020-02-10Stardew Valley Villagers
112018-10-18Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Worlds
112020-02-11Super Smash Bros. Fighters #71 - The Joker Quiz
112018-10-30Super Mario Odyssey Camera Filters
102018-10-25Sonic Mania Zones
102019-12-02Siivagunner King for a Day Contestants
102018-10-19Super Mario Galaxy Power Stars (Fountain)
102019-11-18Pokémon Teams
102020-02-04Super Mario Bros. Flower Power-Ups
102019-02-08Super Paper Mario Pixls
102019-02-19Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Roster
92019-03-27Consequent Pokémon that Start with the Same Letter (2)
92020-01-15Super Mario 64 Power Stars: Jolly Roger Bay
92019-10-27Nintendo Presidents
92020-09-29Simplified Chinese Number Decoding Quiz
92019-12-04Disney Infinity Playsets
82018-05-10Most Guessed - Gen 2 Pokémon
82020-01-20The Game Awards 2019 Winners
82020-08-20Smash Bros. Fighters with the Longest Names
82020-02-25Legend of Zelda games with “Zelda” in the title
82018-09-18Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Stages
72020-09-21Earth, Wind & Fire - September Lyrics
72019-03-24Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons
72019-05-03Mario Kart 8 DLC Characters
72020-10-04Highest Rated Kirby Games
72018-05-29Picross #2
72020-05-10Last Nintendo Console Games
72019-10-29Pokémon Professors
62020-09-07Super Mario All-Stars Games
62020-07-30Top-Rated 3DS Games
52020-10-16Super Smash Bros. Characters by Picture
52020-10-03Super Smash Bros. Fighters #47 - The Wii Fit Trainer Quiz
52019-03-27Pokémon Quest Starters
32020-10-03Super Smash Bros. Fighters #40 - The Olimar Quiz
32020-10-06"Stadium" Smash Bros. Stages
32020-10-18Nintendo’s ARMS Characters
32020-09-28Mario Games for the 3DS
22020-10-20Super Smash Bros. Fighters #77 - The Zombie & Enderman Quiz
22020-10-17Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Franchises Without JetPunk Tags
22020-10-02"City" Smash Bros. Stages
22020-10-05"Castle" Smash Bros. Stages
22020-10-19Super Smash Bros. Fighters #04E - The Dark Samus Quiz