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Common Diseases

Can you guess the disease based on the clues? Good luck
Quiz by nikki43ver
Last updated: September 3, 2012
First submittedSeptember 3, 2012
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Older people are more prone to get this, but younger people get this too.
What Michael Jackson claimed he had
Seizures are often associated with this
Many teenagers develop this; mostly on the face
Hair Loss
Organisms being born without a pigment causing them to appear white
A sexually transmitted disease originating in Africa
Usually caused by a bite from a wild animal.
Characterized by sudden sleep at random times
Unable to fall asleep easily or at all
Severe headaches
Red blisters on the lips
Cold Sore
Extreme mood swings; form of depression
Most noticable effect is the yellow coloring of the skin
Brittle Bones, Drink milk or you might get this warned our mothers
level 75
Mar 17, 2013
Cold Sores are also called fever blisters and are a form of herpes
level 61
Jan 2, 2019
I agree herpes (simplex) should be accepted. Cold sores is colloquial I guess. Herpes simplex is the official name
level 53
Aug 17, 2013
Your first question should also accept arthritis.
level 55
Apr 23, 2014
Are a lot of people too young to remember when Michael Jackson was famous?
level 61
Jan 2, 2019
level 49
May 19, 2014
The first one is too wide open. There are too many diseases that can be described that way.
level 66
Jun 22, 2015
You say that, but I got Alzheimer's on my first go.
level 77
Jul 15, 2015
I agree...i tried arthritis, cancer, diabetes...i think any of those would apply
level 76
Aug 28, 2015
Can dementia be accepted for Alzheimer's, seeing as the latter is a form of the former?
level 61
Jan 2, 2019
I agree I tried many things, though alzheimer(s) and dementia would definately be amongst the first to come to mind. Neither of them worked for me. So also tried diabetes, heartattack, errr forget what else ( no pun intended..)
level 36
Feb 28, 2015
Pneumonia and/or cancer should be here. Other than that, nice quiz!
level 45
Jun 21, 2015
Shouldn't albino be accepted for albinoism?
level 38
Aug 2, 2017
Yeah that's what I did.
level 61
Jan 2, 2019
I did that too, but albino is what you are when you are affected albinism is the condition. Like an albino rabbit or a rabbit with albinism. The quiz is about the names for the diseases. (otherwise with the acne question, if the answer would be what someone with acne would be called, I am affraid people would try a lot of negative words as the answer...)
level 80
Jul 19, 2017
As an actual narcoleptic, it has nothing to do with "falling asleep at random times;" it is characterized by inability to regulate your sleep cycles and EDS. Also, Osteogenesis Imperfecta is actually brittle bone disease, not Osteoporosis. Most of these aren't diseases as well, i.e. Jaundice (a symptom), insomnia (symptom), Epilepsy (symptom) and many others are disorders, not diseases.
level 38
Aug 2, 2017
I spelled osteoporosis wrong.
level 69
May 23, 2018
Some of these answers (jaundice, for example) are not diseases but symptoms of diseases. Jaundice (for example) can be caused by many different diseases and conditions.
level 61
Jan 2, 2019
When alzheimer wasnt accepted I tried other things, since the question is very broad and could refer to many things. I dont know about other countries but here it is written without the s. I think you could be lenient here. Anyway seeing the answer it looked very weird to me. But I see what it is now. The answer is not correct like this anyway. It is Alzheimer's so no the s is not included (do not know the correct english term). (eventhough typing it like on the answer sheet will be acceptable, since interpunction doesnt matter on jetpunk. It would be nice if the correct answers are shown)
level 61
Jan 2, 2019
long story, sorry. Short, I might not have written it correctly ( but believe it should perhaps be acceptable) but the answer sheet hasnt written it correctly either.