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43,5672019-12-23 Orthodox Countries
25,9882018-01-14 Cities with the Most Foreign Embassies
4,8322020-06-05 Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Quiz
3,9542013-11-18The 10 most difficult languages to learn
2,9562013-01-09Protestant countries
2,7682013-08-19European Union cities by percentage of muslim population
2,2982014-02-27Countries without an army
2,1542013-01-12Top 10 most sexually active countries
1,9472013-01-12Top 25 countries with the most freshwater
1,8582012-09-27Countries with the Death Penalty (as of 2011)
1,7942012-06-26French Monarchs
1,6982012-10-24Countries where the legal age of drinking alcohol is higher than 18
1,3832013-10-06Countries with the most embassies abroad
1,2402014-02-19Countries with the largest diaspora
9792014-03-13Top 25 countries where men do housework
6452012-10-08Top 10 countries with the best Health Care
6172012-09-27Safest countries of the world
5672013-01-14Top 18 party cities in Europe
5172013-01-17Top 20 cities with the worst traffic jams
4922013-01-12Top 10 countries with the fastest growing economy
4752013-02-04Top 10 countries to travel to in 2013 according to Lonely Planet
4272013-08-27The friendliest countries in the world with foreign visitors... And the worst!
4232013-01-11Countries with the poorest population
4042012-09-28Countries where alcohol was or still is prohibited
3852013-01-16Top 10 countries that will suffer most from global warming
3552013-01-06Fattest American States
2682013-01-12Top 10 countries with the worst gender equality
2472012-10-07List of countries by natural gas proven reserves
2332013-08-30Countries where the Big Mac is the cheapest... And the most expensive
2292014-08-20American States with the Death Penalty
2232013-02-06Top 10 global cities attracting the most foreign investors
2202013-09-01Countries where abortion is illegal (or permitted only to save the woman's life)
2182014-01-14European Union facts
2162012-10-01Top 10 countries with the most landmines
2132014-03-2710 best airports in the world as of 2014
1912013-01-12Top 10 cities to visit in 2013 according to Lonely Planet
1892012-09-27Top 25 plastic surgery countries
1642013-01-14Top 10 best nightlife cities in the world
1582014-03-29American black list: 22 countries having their airlines black-listed
1492013-02-13The World's most visited tourist attractions
1452013-01-16Countries that are the most threatened by the rise of the sea level
1432013-01-0825 countries with the lowest unemployment rate
1372012-10-08Top 10 best countries for Expatriates
1332013-01-12Top 10 countries with the most refugees
1302013-08-25Ranking of the best student cities in the world
1252013-01-12Top 10 cleanest countries
1242013-01-14Top 10 countries with the highest level of HIV infection
1142012-10-18The 10 most polluted countries
962013-01-12Top 10 OECD countries with the most work hours
942012-09-25Countries with the highest income tax rate
772013-01-12Top 10 countries with the most unequal society
772013-01-12Top 10 countries with the highest divorce rate
662013-01-12Most Polite cities
602013-01-0825 countries with the highest unemployment rate
492013-01-11Countries with the highest infant mortality rate