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23,5482021-10-14 Draw the World Map
4,6872021-08-19Draw all US, Canada and Mexico subdivision borders
2,8032021-06-02Never-relegated Premier League teams.
2,6752021-03-18Draw all US and Canada State, Province and Territory Borders
1,5512014-01-28Smells Like Teen Spirit
1,0142021-04-26Constellation Map
1,0042016-11-21Title in the Lyrics - Christmas Edition
9052014-09-10Groups of Seven - xkcd
6382015-02-11Top 100 Most Common Words in the Book of Mormon
4832021-03-16Draw Borders in the Contiguous United States
4812016-02-08Mariokart Wii
3242021-03-29Cities Destroyed in Independence Day
2502017-02-17John Williams Movie Scores
1352013-07-10VeggieTales Episodes
1242016-04-07Fast typing from I to C
1232016-11-21Title NOT in the Lyrics - Christmas Edition
1082022-04-11Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
672015-08-12Largest Endorheic Bodies of Water
602020-10-15Country Names that Contain Numbers
512015-12-24Most Seasons in the Premier League
492014-10-06The Monster Mash.
482020-10-14Country Names that Contain Single-Syllable Body Parts
472014-01-2899 Luftballons (99 Red balloons)
462015-09-03Paper Rock Scissors Lizard Spock
432021-03-08Problematic US City Flags
332015-07-28Star Control II Races
312021-03-08Great US City Flags - 1
282014-04-07Smallest Cities in the USA
232021-03-08Great US City Flags - 2
212015-12-10Star Wars Novels
192020-11-12Marble League Teams
152020-11-03Unconfirmed US Supreme Court Nominees
132015-07-2812 Swords
112020-09-04I Am Songs
112020-07-09Things That Play Under the Sea
102021-05-11BSA Councils on a Map
82020-08-05Word Ladder Phrases
62020-09-03Number One Songs
52021-12-10The Good Show