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Quiz by davehhockey
Last updated: July 2, 2012
First submittedJuly 2, 2012
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Name of The First 007 Novel
Casino Royale
Name of The First 007 Movie
Dr. No
Global Terrorist Organization Bond Fights
The First James Bond Actor
Sean Connery
Location of The First Villains Hideout
Crab Key
Lead Henchman in From Russia With Love
Red Grant
Goldfinger's Golf Ball
Slazenger 7
Name of The Main Bond Girl in Thunderball
Leader of SPECTRE
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Name of Bond's Wife
Two Henchmen in Diamonds are Forever
Wint and Kidd
Could Tell The Future by Looking at Cards
The Man With The Golden Gun's Killing Arena
The Fun House
Sky Dives into a Circus Tent
Doctor Who Helps Bond Foil Hugo Drax's Plans
Dr. Holly Goodhead
Kills Blofeld at The Beginning of For Your Eyes Only
James Bond
Animal 007 Disguises Himself As
Max Zorin's Henchwoman
May Day
Object Used by Bond to Sled Down a Mountain
Cello Case
Bond's Long Time Companion Who Gets Married
Felix Leiter
Crime syndicate led by Alec Trevelyan
Man Attempting to Obtain Exclusive Global New Coverage
Elliot Carver
Keeps Renard From Feeling Anything in The World is Not Enough
Bullet In His Brain
Halle Berry's Name in Die Another Day
Jinx Johnson
Cries Blood Out of His Eye
Le Chiffre
Item sought after by Dominic Greene in Quantum of Solace
Name of The 23 James Bond Movie
Level 43
Feb 22, 2013
Goldfinger's golf ball was a Slazenger 1. nrushfirth above is 100% correct. Bond discovers that Goldfinger played the wrong ball because he sees that the NEW ball is a Slaz 7, but when he asks him about it, he says that he plays a Slaz 1. That's when Goldfinger gives up the act.
Level 43
Jul 20, 2014
Bond appears to kill Blofeld at the beginning of Diamonds Are Forever. By the time For Your Eyes Only was released, Blofeld was a distant memory in this franchise.
Level 33
Aug 5, 2014
Level 67
Jan 20, 2016
I tried BULLET, BULLET IN BRAIN , BRAIN BULLET and was a little frustrated when the correct answers came up as BULLET IN HIS BRAIN. Could there be a little more leeway on this, or a rephrasing of the question? This and the water/oil question stopped me getting 100%, when I feel that I actually knew all the answers.
Level 26
Apr 25, 2018
Bullet should be accepted!!
Level 81
Apr 14, 2019
Bond also disguises himself as a gorilla in Octopussy.
Level 67
Dec 16, 2020
Indeed, that was my first guess. If crocodile was not accepted I would have tried manta ray...
Level 22
Sep 28, 2021
Also a seagull in Goldfinger, but I guess you can see the chronological order ha ha!
Level 25
Aug 10, 2021
i have watched all the james bond movies except for the new one no time do die
Level 43
Oct 15, 2021
Why no eligibility for points?
Level 74
Jan 29, 2022
Jaws does appear in The Spy Who Loved Me and the question with him as an answer corresponds to TSWLM's position in the sequence but the question refers to an incident in the pre-title sequence to Moonraker, NOT Spy.... AND Dominic Greene has no interest in oil, only water