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4662021-02-24US presidential candidates since 1804
2282021-02-17European countries with colonial empires
1032021-06-29Districts of England
932021-02-24Countries that don't speak an Indo-European language
792021-02-24US states with the smallest largest city
782021-01-04US territories
782021-02-24Countries that don't have A in their name
722021-02-24US states that don't have blue on their flags
722021-01-04Countries that don't use the metric system
712022-01-16US governors (with a state map)
692021-02-24Countries that don't have a primary color on their flags
652021-01-06US states that don't have A in their name
652021-01-06US states that don't have O or U in their name
642021-01-28US presidents by home state
542022-01-30Danish history true or false
542021-02-24Countries that don't have E, I, O, or U in their name
532021-02-24Parties that held the US presidency
532021-02-24US presidents that didn't hold prior office
532021-02-24Countries that don't use the Gregorian calendar
512021-01-13"I Danmark er jeg født" tekst
512021-02-24Danmarks statsministre
502021-12-17Danske byer der ender i "-borg"
482021-04-06Fascist leader titles
472021-01-04Absolute monarchies
472021-02-24German Emperors
442021-01-04Danmarks landsdele
442021-01-06US states that don't have E or I in their name
442021-02-24US state capitals that are also the largest city
432021-02-24Largest cities by US state (with a map)
422021-10-04EU countries that only border other EU countries
412021-02-24US presidential nicknames
382021-10-05EU enlargements by year
372021-01-04US cities that are larger than Wyoming
352020-10-04Regions of Japan
352021-01-04Transcontinental countries
352021-02-18Countries that don't practice a major religion
342021-10-14Holy Roman Emperors
342020-04-29Municipalities of Denmark
342022-02-09British monarchs
332020-10-06US census regions and divisions
332022-02-09English monarchs
332020-10-20Countries that don't have a prime minister or president
312022-01-30German Empire multiple choice
302021-10-14Proposed states of Greater Austria
282021-10-14Guess that amendment
282020-12-25Emperors of Austria
272022-06-17Countries that border Denmark
262021-12-17American Civil War multiple choice
252020-06-03Home counties
242021-02-24Monarchs of Prussia
232021-02-24Constituent countries of countries
222021-06-29Modern administrative counties of England
222021-02-14US states by nickname (with a map)
222021-01-04Places by nickname #1
222021-09-13"It's a Long Way to Tipperary" lyrics
222020-11-01Capitals of the Nordic countries
202021-02-20Esperanto word list
202021-02-24Counties of Denmark
192021-03-06US states by date of statehood (with a map)
192021-10-14"Who's that US president" multiple choice
192021-08-13UK local authorities bordering other constituent countries
182020-09-30Andeby-figurer på andre sprog
182021-01-20US presidents that weren't from a large state
182020-10-20Countries that don't have a president
172021-01-04Places by nickname #2
172021-06-23Firefly and Serenity Quiz
172021-01-04Banovinas of Yugoslavia
172021-02-24Hogwarts houses
162021-09-25Famous Americans by birth state
162021-03-06US presidents who appointed a chief justice
162021-06-21Danish monarchs
162020-12-01Trios (and more) of countries
152021-09-29The Loud House children
152021-02-24Former provinces of South Africa
142021-02-02US and CS states (Southern Victory)
132021-01-04Island groups of the Philippines
132021-01-04Thirteen Colonies
132021-02-24Danmarks amter
102021-02-24Islands of the Dutch Caribbean
92021-02-20Kingdoms of the Heptarchy
82021-06-07Holds of Skyrim
82021-04-30Catholic Church-approved Latin Bible translations
82020-10-20Countries that don't have a prime minister
72021-02-02Cities that were superbombed (Southern Victory)
72021-06-18Federalist Papers by author
42021-06-23Firefly episodes