Suggested Quizzes

Based on Can you match the cast with the movie?

0James Bond Movies0-64%4.8662,482
1Oscar Best Actors Quiz0-38%4.52100,872
2Oscar Best Actresses Quiz0-46%4.5978,877
3Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #10-63%4.2162,150
4Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #30-54%4.3735,514
5Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #20-57%4.2435,129
6Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #60-59%4.1033,978
7Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #40-60%4.3331,296
8Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #100-59%4.1030,503
9Oscar Supporting Actors Quiz0-33%4.4324,459
10Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #120-54%4.2124,129
11Pixar Movies Quiz0-69%4.43189,324
12Name the Disney Animated Movies0-41%4.71171,854
13Oscar Best Pictures Quiz0-32%4.59121,520
14TV / Movie Actors Quiz0-52%4.0993,123
15Oscar Actors by Picture #10-60%4.1591,006
16Oscar Actresses by Picture #10-60%4.2470,730
17Leonardo DiCaprio Movies Quiz0-39%4.2668,532
18Jim Carrey Movies Quiz0-68%4.2055,576
19American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #20-50%4.1653,068
20Johnny Depp Movies Quiz0-52%4.0846,818
21Tom Hanks Movies Quiz0-68%4.2646,750
22Actors by Last Name0-67%4.1745,020
23Bacon Puzzle #10-56%4.1644,982
24Movie Character to Actor #10-66%4.2743,807
25Actresses by Last Name0-67%4.2743,699
26Bacon Puzzle #20-60%4.1941,958
27Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #50-55%3.7838,216
28Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #70-54%3.9436,416
29Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #110-50%3.8335,657
30Romantic Bacon Puzzle0-66%4.2135,278
31Greatest Hollywood Actors by Oscar Awards0-48%4.2533,360
32Movie Character to Actor #20-61%4.1133,099
33Greatest Hollywood Actresses by Oscar Awards0-50%4.3032,886
34Voice Actors Quiz0-65%4.2932,496
35Brad Pitt Movies Quiz0-65%4.2731,660
36Action Movie Stars Quiz0-63%4.1129,965
37Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #80-50%3.9429,841
38Movie Character to Actor #30-53%4.1329,732
39Hollywood Screen Legends Quiz0-28%4.2129,537
40Robin Williams Movies0-61%4.2729,519
412000s Movie Co-Stars0-60%4.0529,167
42Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies0-60%4.1628,524
43TV Sitcom Stars Quiz0-57%4.1128,478
44Bacon Puzzle #30-60%4.1827,958
45American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #30-45%4.0825,206
46Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #90-63%4.0023,550
47Julia Roberts Movies Quiz0-60%4.0722,883
48Movie Quotes by Actor0-65%4.1621,712
49Oscar Supporting Actresses Quiz0-34%4.3618,998
50Actors / Directors0-50%4.1818,222
51Bill Murray Movies Quiz0-60%4.0715,477
52Movie Character to Actor #40-45%4.2814,979
531980s Bacon Puzzle0-60%4.2913,802
54Trapped Actors Quiz0-41%4.0513,564
55Top Gun Quotes0-64%4.0310,785
561980s Movie Co-Stars0-65%4.0710,356
57Jack Nicholson Movies Quiz0-58%4.308,705
58Who Starred in that TV Show #20-45%4.057,112
59Famous Child Stars by Last Name0-55%4.196,917
60Sean Connery Movies Quiz0-56%4.046,099
61Russell Crowe Movies Quiz0-58%4.126,027
62Actors' Relatives0-50%4.065,976
63Animated Movie Co-Stars0-55%4.275,540
64Presidential Actors0-40%4.325,208
65Meryl Streep Oscar Nominations0-47%4.154,710
66Showbiz Families0-56%4.044,545
67Name the 7 Dwarfs Quiz0-85%4.27238,267
68Disney Feature Films by Character0-75%4.34170,019
69Movies with Food in the Title0-61%4.09140,541
70Marvel Superheroes Quiz0-58%4.28137,312
71Movie Characters Quiz #10-50%4.24131,145
72Movies with Animals in the Title #10-70%4.17128,522
73Disney Animals0-66%4.21127,528
74"And Something" Movie Titles0-67%4.15125,501
75Superhero Alter Egos0-63%4.08103,347
76Top-Grossing Superhero Movies0-64%4.27100,872
77Movie Title Antonyms #10-80%4.5492,861
78Star Wars Quotes0-76%4.7966,915
79Movie Titles by Synonyms #10-75%4.4560,153
80Highest Grossing Movies - Inflation Adjusted0-63%4.4950,766
81Top 100 Movie Quotes0-39%4.4342,257
82Batfacts: The Batman Quiz0-74%4.4732,992
83Star Wars Trivia #20-70%4.4532,590
84Oscar Best Animated Pictures Quiz0-78%4.5031,427
85Dying Words in Movies0-45%4.6026,728
86Movie Posters by Description0-66%4.4725,577
87Oscar Best Directors Quiz0-41%4.5224,169
88Star Wars Planets0-69%4.7118,077
89Monty Python Quotes0-62%4.7717,721
90Top Movie Producing Countries0-85%4.4616,170
91Stanley Kubrick Movies Quiz0-46%4.4715,368
92Big Lebowski Quotes Quiz0-59%4.4310,648
93Movies by Year, 1950-19690-75%4.469,964
94Princess Bride Trivia0-65%4.488,599
95TV and Movie Character Creators0-45%4.525,636
96Three-Name Movie Stars Quiz0-60%4.0066,596
97Will Smith Movies Quiz0-66%3.8645,864
98Top Grossing Movie Stars0-36%4.0045,649
99Actors by Last Name #20-60%3.9444,766
100Actresses by Last Name #20-67%3.7641,481
101Adam Sandler Movies Quiz0-56%3.3138,531
102Tom Cruise Movies Quiz0-40%3.8736,700
103American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #10-54%3.7430,704
1042010s Movie Co-Stars0-60%3.7229,870
105Will Ferrell Movies Quiz0-60%3.6327,950
106Musicians in Movies Quiz0-54%4.0026,855
1071990s Movie Co-Stars0-60%4.0026,640
108Matt Damon Movies Quiz0-55%3.9126,467
109Action Bacon Puzzle0-58%3.8926,217
110Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Quiz0-60%3.9525,314
111Comedy Bacon Puzzle0-58%3.8824,902
112Harrison Ford Movies Quiz0-46%3.9423,993
113Girly Bacon Puzzle0-53%3.9723,633
114Sandra Bullock Movies Quiz0-50%3.5622,726
115Who Starred in that TV Show #10-50%3.8219,922
116Mel Gibson Movies Quiz0-50%3.6818,832
117Natalie Portman Movies Quiz0-50%3.5318,496
118Cameron Diaz Movies Quiz0-50%3.5318,155
119Sylvester Stallone Movies0-52%3.5616,138
120Nicolas Cage Movies Quiz0-50%3.7715,501
121Ben Stiller Movies Quiz0-57%3.8214,985
122Famous Costars Quiz0-79%3.7114,725
123Christian Bale Movies Quiz0-47%3.7014,723
124Romantic Comedy Costars Quiz0-52%3.6814,323
125Bruce Willis Movies Quiz0-57%3.9613,318
126Eddie Murphy Movies Quiz0-50%3.9213,271
127George Clooney Movies Quiz0-46%3.5313,161
128Keanu Reeves Movies Quiz0-46%3.849,942
129Robert De Niro Movies Quiz0-58%3.879,692
130Al Pacino Movies Quiz0-50%3.829,446
131Clint Eastwood Movies Quiz0-53%3.918,100
132Science Fiction Movie Co-Stars0-65%3.966,460
133Who Starred in that TV Show #30-50%3.636,444
134TV Character to Actor #10-54%4.005,989
135Actors with Alliterative Names0-45%3.705,442
136Horror Movie Co-Stars0-63%3.805,248
137TV Character to Actor #20-40%3.624,893
138Comedy Movie Co-Stars0-70%3.644,831
139Sports in Movies Quiz0-70%3.99115,017
140"Of Something" Movie Titles0-67%4.2098,065
141Highest Grossing Movie Franchises0-44%4.3486,185
142Star Wars Characters0-67%4.2885,535
143Sidekicks Quiz0-57%4.2080,398
144Movies with Names in the Title #10-62%4.1175,338
145Movies with Animals in the Title #20-75%4.1369,938
146Star Wars Trivia #10-75%4.1669,860
147Highest Grossing 1990s Movies0-75%4.2961,114
148Movie Characters Quiz #20-54%4.1657,633
1491990s Movie Quotes Quiz0-66%4.3557,536
150Mean Girls Quotes0-64%4.0856,942
151Movies by Clue Quiz #20-68%4.2655,220
152Random Movie Quotes #40-55%4.1855,148
153Movie Couples Quiz0-55%4.0253,205
154Movie Characters Quiz #30-58%4.3651,370
155Famous Movie Scenes #10-65%4.2850,181
156Super Short Movie Titles Quiz0-70%4.1848,886
157Movies with Names in the Title #20-62%4.2948,741
158Disney's "The Lion King"0-57%4.2848,448
159Movie Title Vocabulary Quiz #10-65%4.0747,470
160Movie Titles by Synonyms #20-65%4.2347,094
161Movie Series Quiz0-70%4.2846,257
162Horror Movie Villains0-61%4.1546,081
163Movies that Start with B0-63%4.1945,648
164Highest Grossing Movies0-46%4.3244,233
165Random Movie Quotes #20-50%4.1244,142
166Recent Movie Taglines Quiz0-57%4.1343,988
167Movie Subtitles0-70%4.1942,974
168Movies that Start with J0-61%4.0342,860
169Movies with Names in the Title #30-59%4.0241,887
170Movies with Landforms in the Name0-60%4.0841,201
171Last Lines of Movies0-55%4.1540,269
172Movies by Year, 1990-20090-65%4.1540,172
173First Name Movie Titles0-60%4.1739,784
174Five Letter Movie Titles Quiz0-62%4.1139,565
175Movies that Start with F0-63%4.1739,355
176Movies by Opening Scene0-55%4.2538,833
177Sound of Music Do-Re-Mi0-85%4.1738,396
178Movies that Start with E0-55%4.0537,793
179Movie Titles in Spanish Quiz0-54%4.3137,741
180Movies by Death #10-47%4.3436,393
181Movies that Start with L0-63%4.0735,985
182Horror Movie Quotes Quiz0-66%4.1035,635
183Songs From Movies Quiz0-54%4.0935,521
184Highest Grossing 1980s Movies0-65%4.3635,511
185Movies that are "The" Something0-57%4.0435,406
186Movies Set in New York Quiz0-60%4.1034,684
187Movies that Start with I0-64%4.2634,627
188Movies that Start with G0-68%4.2933,809
189Opening Lines of Movies0-43%4.1733,734
190Movies With Places in the Title #10-62%4.1833,591
191Movies that Start with D0-47%4.2832,387
192Movie Characters by Last Name0-55%4.0831,037
193Movies that Start with P0-64%4.2530,830
194Movie Title in the Quote Quiz0-55%4.3530,738
195Movie Title Initials #10-55%4.1530,348
1961980s Movie Taglines Quiz0-58%4.2430,257
197Quentin Tarantino Movies Quiz0-72%4.3230,044
198Classic Movie Quotes Quiz0-50%4.1329,390
199Movie Settings - Cities #10-65%4.0229,237