The Occult and Magic quiz

Pick the correct meanings for the terms related to occultism and magic.
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Quiz by WillemLAif
Last updated: February 26, 2019
First submittedFebruary 26, 2019
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1. Amulet is a...
Anything a witch doctor gives you
Magic making cows produce a lot of milk
Good luck charm
Jewel for good fortune
2. Baphomet is...
A second coming of the anti-christ
A real severed goat head
Eliphas Levi's drawing representing the sum total of the universe
Anton LaVey's book of satanic magic
3. Ectoplasm in the paranormal sense is...
Something formed/externalized by physical mediums when in trance
Poltergeist vomit
What ghosts leave on the walls when passing through
Fortune teller's sweat and/or filth they say has magical properties
4. Mesmerism means...
Getting cuckoo in the head while staring at a swinging pocket watch
A mess or smear spread all over the place while s-faced drunk, suffering amnesia etc.
Worship of doctor Franz Mesmer, the inventor of hypnotism
An invisible natural force possessed by all living things
5. Cleromancy is getting to know your fate by...
Seeing through e.g. a crystal ball
Casting something e.g. dice
Using the Magic 8-ball
Staring into the eyes of yourself (using mirror) or someone else to 'clear your mind to see'
6. Thaumaturgy means...
Magic: The Gathering superpower card
Magician's capability to work magic
A transference of the soul from a place to another when using its energy to do miracles
Trapping the human spirit inside an item
7. Boline is...
A bowling supersition
A Wiccan ritual knife
A bowl used for concocting magical substances
Bola (throwing weapon) with magical symbols for good hunting luck
8. Spell is...
A term invented for describing magical acts in fantasy Role Playing Games
The momentum where you beat many others in ability to pronounce words
The (old meaning) secular word for 'absolute truth', compare to the religious people's gospel
A magical formula, an incantation
9. Geomancy is a method of divination using...
Soil, rocks or sand
Maps or globes
Ley lines (apparent alignments of landmarks, religious sites, and man-made structures)
Geothermal energies and matter from hot springs, volcanoes etc.
10. Santería is...
African black magic popular in Latin America
Yoruba origined Afro-American religion
Speaking 'in tongues' in a semi-religious, semi-magical setting
African magic and animal sacrifice hidden from the Christians under the guise of lipservice level Catholic saint worship
11. Ouija is originally...
A voodoo arrangement of letters and numbers for contacting the dead
A hoax the French used to scare their slaves in Haiti to keep them in line
A Freemason ritual that got out and was adopted by mediums for "talking with the dead" in the 1800s
A brand name for/and a parlor game developed in the US
12. Mojo means...
Charisma (mainly in the sense of sexual attractiveness)
A deep belief in self/self-confidence
A magical item that makes you irresistible or unable to fail
An amulet consisting of a small bag including magical items
13. Hex means...
An evil witch or 'a black magic witch'
A small bag full of malevolent magical spells and substances
A curse done by using witchcraft/magic
A woman 'found' to be the witch cursing the cows not to produce milk etc.
14. What are the "Akashic Records"?
A record label producing 'magical' music and sound recordings to aid members of the 'society'
A book of magic held by "a man from the space / the sky"
A compendium of all human events, thoughts, etc in the past, present and future
A book of an Indian secret society collecting their 'deeds' and other information relevant to them
15. Gray magic is most accurately described as...
Magic done with evil intentions, but not as evil as with black magic
Neutral magic
Good or white magic soiled with a spoiled spell whether by a mistake or by someone doing black magic to counter the white magic
Magic that has failed
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