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MFINISH HIM! FATALITY! Need I say any more?Mortal Kombat
AThis disney character loved to throw an apple or two. Well you know what they say... An apple a day keeps the sorcerer away. Oh is that not it?Aladdin
XThese super heroes set out to stop super villian Magneto. You can pick out of these 4 playable characters; Wolverine, Gambit, Nightcrawler and Cyclops.X-Men
PEverybody's favourite yellow dot eating friend. Dots were not all that he ate though... Other things included fruits, pretzels and even a boot!?Pac-Man
KSonic's ally. A red echidna. I feel he too, also like sonic, has an unusual colour, but to be honest I don't know what an echidna is...Knuckles
CThe jewel-matching puzzle game. All hail the flashing jewel!Columns
DThe beat em' up starring martial artist twins Billy & Jimmy Lee. A plot twist that can give anyone trust issues.Double Dragon
EA worm in a spacesuit who finds help from the scariest hamster in all of video game history! Cow launched... Whats the worst that could happen?Earthworm Jim
OIn sonic 2, when underwater, running out of this causes that terrifying BGM which notifies you that you're gonna die causing panic attacks across the world.Oxygen
IIn this 2D fighter, one of the most poopular characters in; Sub Zero is a cold cold dude. Make sure you watch out for his projectiles, otherwise you'll turn into a big block of _____.Ice
BThese muscle bound frog like characters fought in space showing no mercy to the Dark Queen's minionsBattletoads
LAnother disney game. I, to this day, still have nightmares trying to work out the correct monkey/giraffe combination. Unfortunately walkthroughs weren't available in those times. Worth getting to the iconic stampede scene though.The Lion King
NThe catchphrases appearing in this arcade style sports game was the icing on the cake. "He's heating up", "He's on fire", and "Boomshakalaka!NBA Jam
GThis side-scrolling beat em' up had everything! Huge bosses, magic, weird rideable two legged bird things, sword swinging skeletons and much much more. Whoever got to be the axe-wielding dwarf was the real winner...Golden Axe
HI did not know these animals could move so fast! Or they were blue... I guess Sonic breaks the mould.Hedgehog
SThe ninja master. Potentially the worlds most famous fictional ninja? He was impartial to a shuriken or two. With ultra cool ninjitsu techniques such as the Jitsu of Mijin where he would explode to damage all on screen enemies.Shinobi
FWhy did the small green amphibian cross the road? To jump into an adequately sized space it seems.Frogger
RDriving games are fun depending on your taste. But this game is hard to dislike. Racing motorbikes seems like a secondary objective. Who cares about winning when you can punch your competitors off their bikes! It's all fun and games until someone brings the nunchuks out...Road Rash
TWith his best bud Earl, they try to bottle up the manic earthlings who have invaded their home of funkotron. Finding parking meters was full of excitement as you funk out with funkotrons finest funk masters.Toejam
UWWF Wrestlemania may have been a basic wrestling game lacking the mechanics wrestling games contain nowadays but performing multiple chokeslams by this character was pure entertainment.The Undertaker
VStreet fighting shadaloo henchman. Wearing a steel mask and steel claws he sounds as barbaric as they come. Whilst that is true, his most dominant characteristic is his elegance which is displayed leaping from his underground steel cage.Vega
JThe red fish who's body can stretch vertically and never seems to stop. Robocod doesn't take kindly to anyone getting in the way of christmas presents.James Pond
QDonald duck stars in this game as a treasure hunter travelling the globe. He has his own plane you can call on to travel to places such as Mexico, India and even the North Pole! Oh and the spine tingling BGM when in Transylvania... Good times.Quackshot starring Donald Duck
ZAn apocolypse has occured and your neighbours are stranded! It's up to you to face the monster filled environments. It's a sizeable task going up against vampires, werewolves and oh... gargantuan sized toddlers.Zombies Ate My Neighbours
WStarring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck and their magic carpets. Co-operation in 2 players is key. Needing a rope to climb from your buddy, pulling Donald's bodacious backside trough small gaps or standing on each others heads to get to higher platforms. Except no one plays along when it comes to being stood on.World Of Illusion
YAdol Christin and his friend Dogi are on a journey in this action RPG. A game series that went onto feature on the playstation involves the protagonist battling against monsters.Ys III

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