Movie Titles Before and After

Combine the titles of two movies described in the hints to create a fictional movie title that includes one word that both ends the first real movie title and begins the second real movie title.
The hint combines elements of two separate films into one plot.
In one clue, two sequential words from the movie titles overlaps.
E.g., "Young cub from Pride Rock avenges the murder of his father by his uncle, then ascends to the throne himself and goes mad after being rejected by his three daughters" would be "The Lion King Lear."
Quiz by jmellor13
Last updated: May 26, 2021
First submittedApril 20, 2020
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A boy discovers that the wielder of the Dark Side of the Force is his father, and then must travel back in time to ensure that said father kisses his mother at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
The Empire Strikes Back to the Future
A mother and her child switch bodies and live each other's experiences, during which time the child drowns, and the mother murders teenagers in revenge.
Freaky Friday the 13th
In 2045, an orphan rallies with other players to win a virtual reality game called OASIS and fight back against the tyrannical nurse who runs the mental institution in which they live.
Ready Player One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
In the 1940's, a suicidal man learns to appreciate what he has after an angel shows him an alternate timeline in which he had never been born. The man remembers all the people whose lives would be worse without him, including his son, whom he shepherded through a concentration camp with fantastic and imaginative stories to keep the son from realizing the truth of their life in the camp.
It's A Wonderful Life Is Beautiful
Seven representative personalities of a celebrated musician explore their lives through music. One of them is an 11-year-old boy who freighthops across the United before settling in the southwest, where he develops into a ruthless oil baron who exploits a small religious town and feuds with its young pastor.
I'm Not There Will Be Blood
Two people who once shared a passionate night in Vienna reconnect nine years later to spend an afternoon in Paris, where they deal with a delusional former actress who talks endlessly of her past work with Cecil B. DeMille.
Before Sunset Boulevard
A disillusioned suburban father quits his job and regresses to his teenage years: smoking pot, working out, and lusting after a cheerleader. He will stay in this form permanently if he doesn't find love before the last petal falls from a rose.
American Beauty and the Beast
An idealistic white southern lawyer defends two black men in two adjacent states: one who murdered the two men who raped his daughter, and one who is wrongly accused of raping a lonely white girl.
A Time to Kill a Mockingbird
A swashbuckling pirate battles a conniving prince, enormous rodents, and a self-proclaimed evil genius in pursuit of his beloved, a female monster created in a lab just for him.
The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
A promising boxer's life falls apart due to his uncontrollable anger and jealousy. He resurrects his career as a minor league baseball player, and finds love again.
Raging Bull Durham
A young Navy lawyer tries to exonerate two Marines, expose a corrupt general, and defeat a cockroach-like alien intent on stealing a small galaxy and starting a war with the Arquillians.
A Few Good Men in Black
Two male jazz musicians disguise themselves as women to escape Chicago gangsters, and time travel to the 1980's, where they relive the best ski weekend of their lives and reflect on their choices since that weekend.
Some Like It Hot Tub Time Machine
An American writer is offered a job in Vienna by an old friend, but arrives to find his friend has died under very suspicious circumstances. The writer resolves to uncover the mystery surrounding the death, and learns that after his friend got rich by selling diluted penicillin, he escaped to America, where he gained fame as a "song and dance man" who specialized in elaborate hoaxes and starred on Saturday Night Live before finally succumbing to lung cancer.
The Third Man on the Moon
In the 1860's, a group is snowed in at a cabin in the mountains of Wyoming. During the storm, they discover that some of the inhabitants are part of a murderous gang, and divide into camps trying to identify who is not telling the truth, with violent results. As punishment for their crimes, all of them are expelled from Major League Baseball following the 1919 World Series.
The Hateful Eight Men Out
A Texas congressman uses his charms to get funding for the mujahideen's efforts to reunite their children with their mothers during an alien invasion.
Charlie Wilson's War of the Worlds
In the 1940's, a Connecticut couple resolves to revive their dreams to escape their humdrum suburban life and move to Paris, but their plans are thwarted when the local mob boss's son betrays them and kills their family. The couple must flee town and get Frank Nitti's blessing to take revenge against their family's killer.
Revolutionary Road to Perdition
Level 79
Apr 23, 2020
Cool idea! I definitely needed more time. Also, type-in for "A Time to Kill a Mockingbird" did not work.
Level 85
Apr 27, 2020
Great quiz! I always enjoy the before and after questions on Jeopardy so would love to see more of this type. Could maybe use a bit more time, though.
Level 67
Apr 30, 2020
Thanks. I am new to making quizzes, so I didn't even realize I could edit the time. I just doubled it. I think I will make a few more of these quizzes covering a broader range of topics. Appreciate the feedback.
Level 85
Jan 5, 2021
Cool, thanks. Just took it for the second time and got an additional two answers :)

By the way, the answer for the bottom-left question is missing the "b" in mockingbird; I couldn't figure out why my answer wasn't working. I reckon that's why it has not yet been guessed correctly.

Level 65
Jun 26, 2021
These were dope! Thanks!
Level 67
Jun 26, 2021
Interesting quiz! It didn't accept "thirteenth" though, but I finally figured out to type in "13th".
Level 59
Dec 28, 2021
Fun quiz, some of these are quite tricky