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26,3652018-12-12 Five Countries With the Most Tourists by Continent
3442018-05-24First 200 Words of The Bible
3342018-01-2950 Largest U.S. Cities By Population
3162020-06-25Five Countries With the Longest Coastline by Continent
3062019-02-13Global Terrorism Index by Continent
2502018-04-2050 Most Powerful Military Nations
2262018-04-29Richest and Poorest Countries in the European Union
2112018-04-29Perfect Square Roots to 400 Race
2102018-04-20Countries by First Two Letters
1642018-08-15JetPunk Family Feud
1602018-04-24The 56 Countries That Have the Death Penalty
1342018-04-20Top Baby Names in Every State
1302018-05-19Countries Colonized by Spain by Continent
1302018-01-18Top US Allies
1252019-04-09Modern Family Multiple Choice
1252018-08-22JetPunk Family Feud-Countries
1182019-06-15Best Countries at Chess
1142018-05-19Countries Colonized by The Netherlands by Continent
1052018-04-19The 25 Highest Paid Jobs
932018-07-09The 25 Most and Least Peaceful Countries in 2018
932019-06-15Largest Economies in 1940
802018-05-19Countries Colonized by France by Continent
782018-05-21Most Powerful Militaries by Continent
782018-05-19Countries Colonized by Portugal by Continent
772018-03-07Fast Typing A-Z
742019-06-18Countries With the Most War-Related Civilian Deaths From Famine and Disease
742018-04-29Countries Based on First Two Letters #2
732018-05-01Least Guessed Countries by Continent
722018-02-26Strongest Armies (2018)
712019-01-2425 Best Countries in 2019
702018-05-11Countries Based on First Two Letters
682018-05-20Countries Colonized by Germany by Continent
672018-06-28Countries Colonized by Russia by Continent
662018-04-27Do You Want to Build a Snowman Lyrics Quiz
662019-06-02Least Developed Countries
632019-02-14Continents by Combined Military Strength
632018-10-29Five Most Literate Countries by Continent
582018-05-19Countries Colonized by The United States by Continent
582018-03-02List of Countries by Length of Coastline
572018-01-3120 Most Popular College Majors
572019-02-14Countries Without an 'a'
562018-12-03Countries that Allow the Death Penalty by Continent
562018-04-1710 Most Well Trained Special Forces
502018-05-03Countries That Buy Weapons From Russia
502018-01-29Countries With the Largest Police Forces
482018-04-295 Countries With the Most Dams by Continent
482019-06-03Country by Leader
482018-03-0120 States That Spend the Most on Prisons
462018-04-17Naval Destroyer Warship Strength by Country
442018-03-11Flags of Countries Bordering China
442019-06-13Least Fragile Nations
422019-06-14Countries Most Impacted by Terrorism
412019-06-13Most Fragile Nations
402018-05-11Most Guessed Languages
402019-05-06Megadiverse Countries
392019-05-20The World's Most Respected 'Made In' Labels
392018-05-11Countries With the Shortest Coastline With Exceptions
382018-06-20Avengers Infinity War Disinigrations
382018-06-01Furthest N-S-W-E Country by Continent
362018-03-07"Countries" Not Recognized by the UN
362019-06-30Countries With Permanent Antarctic Bases
362019-06-02States With the Most Police Officers
362018-03-14Most Obese Countries by Percentage
362019-02-25Most Guessed Countries on Most Guessed Countries on Jetpunk
362019-06-16Most Populated Continents in Order Race
352019-05-20Countries Visited 10 or More Times by a Sitting President
342019-06-13High Fertility Rate by Continent
342019-06-16Least Guessed Countries on 'Countries of the World Quiz'
342019-02-05Countries That Only Border 1 Country
342018-01-19Most Educated Countries
332019-02-13Countries With a Higher GDP Than Texas
332018-01-30Largest Salt Exporting Countries
332018-02-27Most Peaceful Countries (2018)
322019-02-19Countries With the Most Islands
322018-01-31Countries With The Least Amount of Cars Per Capita
322018-04-30Top Aircraft Exporting Countries by Growth and Profit
312018-04-20Countries That Are Smaller Than Hawaii
312018-02-21States By Gun Violence
312019-06-15Countries That Shut Down The Internet the Most
312018-04-18U.S. Cities With The Most Ozone Pollution
302018-01-29Top 25 Most Dangerous Jobs
302019-06-13Low Fertility Rate by Continent
302018-01-29Countries by Overall Strength of Armed Forces
292019-06-30U.S. States Where You Can Legally Own a Bear
292018-01-20States With the Greatest Chance of Hitting a Deer
292018-03-14World's Least Obese Countries by Percentage
282018-04-2013 Worst Military Countries by Budget
282019-09-10Countries with the Highest Percentage Aged Above 65
282018-03-09Most Guessed Countries
272018-05-26U.S. States Without the Death Penalty
262018-05-03U.S. States With the Most Identity Theft
252018-07-01Countries That Offer Free Contraceptives
252019-06-02Countries by Mass of Mismanaged Plastic Waste
252018-04-20Most Obese African Countries
242018-02-27States Where Teachers are Paid the Most
242018-02-02Countries and Territories With the Most Cars Per Capita
242019-07-21States That Were Once the Largest by Area in the Union
242019-06-13Countries Bordering the Indian Ocean
232019-06-14Countries Not Impacted by Terrorism
232018-01-30Major Cotton Exporters
232018-03-28Top 25 Most Educated States
222018-04-17World's Largest Navies
222018-03-11Countries by Greatest Oil imports
222019-06-162019 FIFA World Cup Quiz
222018-04-26Countries With the Greatest Debt
212019-04-08Caribbean Sea Countries
212019-06-19State Abbreviations That Are Element Abbreviatons
212018-03-12States With the Least Heart Attacks by Percentage
212019-06-07Countries by Suicide Rate
202019-12-19Periodic Table Symbol Quiz
192018-04-2020 Countries by Military Expenditure
182019-09-09Countries by Highest Average Age
172019-04-08Countries in the Caribbean Sea
172019-06-13Overseas Military Bases of France
162018-09-03States by Population (In Order)
162018-01-29Least Populated Countries
162019-06-15Countries Without a Central Bank
152019-06-15Western (Economic) Countries
152019-06-13Countries With the Highest Unemployment Rate
142019-07-21U.S. States to Countries by GDP-Difficult
142018-02-22Countries Without Any Olympic Medals With 1 or More Appearance
132019-06-07Random Country to Continent
132019-06-14Western (Political) Countries
102019-06-07Countries Never Invaded by Britain
102019-06-16Western (Latin) Countries