Statistics for The Mahabharata War

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Laid down his life after hearing of what he thought was the death of his son, it was in fact an eponymous elephant. Some believe that he was slain by Drishtadyumna on the journey towards 'Samadhi'.Drona
Fell to the joint attacks of Shikhandi and Arjuna on the tenth day, but died only after the completion of the war.Bhishma
Trapped in a complex military formation that he could not exit, this young warrior was surrounded and killed when he was unarmed. This unarmedness was the result of his weapons being broken by Kaurava warriors.Abhimanyu
Killed by Arjuna with an arrow that sliced off his head, while attempting to fix his chariot.Karna
The main perpetrator of the war. Fell to an illegal move (mace to the thigh) in a duel with Bheema.Duryodhana
Did not partake actively in the fighting. Was the brother of Pandu and Dhritarashtra but favoured the Pandavas. Died as an ascetic in front of his favorite nephew Yudhishtira. Yudhishtira was unable to cremate him because he was an ascetic. He had to be buried instead.Vidura
Survived the war and used the Narayanastra during its course. Krishna's advice rendered the weapon harmless to Pandavas. Infamous for killing the sons of the Pandavas and their allies at night, he was cursed that he would live in pain and disease till the very end of creation.Aswatthama
Had an ax smashed in his forehead by the Pandava Sahadeva.Shakuni
Smothered and beaten to death at night by Aswatthama. His pleas for a death with his sword in hand were ignored, much the same way as he killed Drona during meditation.Drishtadyumna

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