Neologisms and terminology in 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Name the term coined by Atwood in her 1985 novel 'The Handmaid's Tale'
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Dystopian State and setting of the novel
The Republic of Gilead
State secret service who drive in black vans
The Eyes
Areas which polluted and radioactive, where labourers and dissenters are sent to clean up the mess
The Colonies
Training centre for Handmaids-to-be
The Rachel and Leah Centre
State-run whore-house for rebellious Handmaids
Ambulance for driving pregnant Handmaids to hospital
Enforced sex ritual
The Ceremony
Serena Joy's perfume
Lily of the Valley
The Angels
Event in the Middle Gilead period, wiping out records pertaining to think tanks involving the Commander
The Great Purge
Underground Railroad for smuggling Handmaids out of the country
The Underground Femaleroad
Event which started the Christian fundamentalist takeover, which was blamed on Islamic extremists and used as a scapegoat to justify the takeover
President's Day Massacre
Name of the 'subject' taken by Handmaids during their 'training'
Gyn Ed
Name for an infertile Handmaid, or a Handmaid who gives birth to a child with deficiencies or disabilities
Baby with birth defects
Pre-Gilead prostitution service, pun on programme that delivered food to the elderly and vulnerable
Feels on Wheels
Some sort of pornography-distributing vans, almost synonymous with the above
Bun-Dle Buggies
Public ceremonies, segregated by gender. Women's ceremonies involved marriages of Daughters, men's celebrate military victories
Execution ceremonies where rebels are killed
State-sanctioned way of describing black people
Children of Ham
Meetings between powerful Commanders where the social structure of the State is hammered out
Sons of Jacob Think-Tank
Shop which sells meat
All Flesh
Shop which sells groceries
Milk and Honey
Shop which prints out prayers for Commanders and Wives, used as a way of showing loyalty to the regime
Soul Scrolls
The most expensive brand of car in the novel, which is owned by Offred's commander
The cheapest and 'chunky, practical' brand of car in the novel
Mid-range brand of car
Convoluted way of describing homosexuals
Gender Traitors
Where dissenters' corpses are hung
The Wall
Group execution of a criminal by a group of Handmaids who beat up the accused to death
ID-card for citizens in the dystopian State
Shops which selled pornography in the pre-Gilead era
State-sanctioned greeting between Handmaids, first used by Ofglen in Chapter 3
Blessed be the fruit
Accepted response to the above
May the Lord open
Ceremony as part of the Handmaid training programme, where Handmaids-to-be must own up to their 'sins' from the time before. In the novel Janine is the focus of this ceremony, which is hosted by Aunt Helena who used to run a Weight Watchers group
The regime's multiple internal forms of electronic communications
The central bank from which money is controlled by the State
Number on the above, neologism for credit card number
Neologism for credit cards
Computerized scanning devices that read credit cards and bar-coded pricing and inventory symbols
Electronic medical record
Secret underground resistance to the regime
The Mayday Underground
Signed between the State and other influential world powers in which they agreed not to fight each other in order to deal with internal rebellions and civil wars
The Spheres of Influence Accord
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