Hobbits in Middle Earth

Name the hobbits based off the clues
Quiz by stormcrow
Last updated: December 1, 2015
First submittedNovember 9, 2012
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Went on an adventure with 13 dwarves
Bilbo Baggins
The Ring-Bearer in The Lord of The Rings
Frodo Baggins
Loyal servant of the Ring-Bearer and somtimes considered the real hero of The Lord of The Rings
Samwise Gamgee
Became a Guard of The Citadel in Minas Tirith
Pippin Took
Became an Esquire of Rohan and stabbed the Witch-King
Merry Brandybuck
Stayed behind at Crickhollow and raises the Horn-Call of Buckland when the Nazgul attack
Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger
A former hobbit courrupted by the ring
Found the one ring in the Anduin River after being dragged in while fishing
Bought Bag-End, called himself "The Boss" and was killed by Gríma Wormtongue
Lotho Sackville-Baggins
Believed to have stolen a good deal of silver spoons from Bag-End, buys Bag-End and is later imprisoned by Saruman in the Lockholes
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Lives in Bag-End in the Fourth Age and has thirteen children
Rose Cotton
A farmer known for his mushrooms and acquainted with Tom Bombadil
Farmer Maggot
Mayor of Michel Delving and said to be the fattest hobbit in the Westfarthing
Will Whitfoot
The old gardener of Bag-End
Hamfast Gamgee
The Miller's son and a rather unpleasant hobbit
Ted Sandyman
Employee of The Prancing Pony
This hobbit invented golf in the Battle of Greenfields
Bullroarer Took
Lived to the age of 130, was the 26th Thain of the Shire and friends with Gandalf
Gerontius "The Old" Took
Level 1
Nov 3, 2017
Could you please accept Hamfast?
Level 5
Nov 13, 2017
Or Ham
Level 5
Dec 7, 2017
Could you please also accept Banboras for Bullroarer, and Gerontius for The Old Took?