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10,1112020-01-30 Hated U.S. States
3312020-11-16Top 5 Countries by English Proficiency by Continent
1822020-11-10Countries Where Prostitution is Legal and Regulated
1682018-02-20First 20 Countries to join Eurovision
1002019-05-26All Two Letter Words Accepted in Scrabble
962019-03-2310 Countries with the Lowest HDIs by Continent
692019-05-2610 Countries with the Highest HDIs by Continent
682019-10-23Top 15 Destinations of International Students
642020-01-05Least Populous Countries With a Billionaire
602020-04-21Countries with 10 or More 1M Cities
532019-10-27U.S. States That Deny the Armenian Genocide
532019-12-2520 Rudest Cities in America
502020-05-01Top 10 States by Alcohol Consumption
492019-10-10Sports in Wii Sports Resort
392020-01-01States With the Most Mass Shootings in 2019
392019-09-14Bottom 10 Countries by Smoking Prevalence
382019-04-11States With the Most International Students
322019-12-21Countries With Flags at the South Pole
322019-09-15Every Country in the 2009 Baseball World Cup
292018-02-214 Letter Words Found in 8 Letter Words #1
252018-02-02Countries That Use AdBlock the Most
232018-02-065 Most Famous Games by Console
222019-11-03Countries North of the 49th Parallel
212019-09-11JetPunkers With 1,000+ Quizzes
192018-03-214 Letter Words Found in 8 Letter Words #2
182020-01-07Most Abundant Elements in Earth's Crust
172019-10-16Words Made from Elements' Symbols
162019-09-30Lakes on Borders
142019-10-05Countries Closest to Point Nemo
132020-07-26Most Average U.S. States
122020-05-08States with the Most Veg*n Restaurants Per Capita
122020-06-04Countries that Have Held a World Record in Mario Kart Wii
122019-10-06Names of Each Generation
112020-06-19Countries by ISO Alpha-3 Codes
112020-04-25First State to...
72019-12-15States With the Most High School Show Choirs