History of Greece

Can you answer these questions from ancient and modern Greek history?
The modern era of Greece began after its independence in as a nation state in 1830
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Last updated: February 22, 2020
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Ancient Greece
What ancient Cretan civilization, that almost lasted from 2700-1450 BC, is considered to
be the first advanced civilization in Europe?
Minoan Civilization
Which city was the winner of the of the Peloponnesian War?
Which war leader of the above led 300 of his elite soldiers at Thermopylae?
Which Persian king invaded Greece in 480s BC with an army reported to be 1 million
strong and defeated the above?
Xerxes the Great
What did Socrates supposedly drink which then eventually killed him?
Which of the poems of Homer is set during the Trojan War?
The Iliad
Who established the Academy in Athens in 387 BC?
Which king of Macedon conquered Persia in 334 BC?
Alexander the Great
Who was the main tutor of the above?
What Titan is credited with creating humanity from clay and giving fire to the mortals?
What did Archimedes say when he made a discovery?
Who is considered to be the "father of Comedy"?
What that city dominated Greece before 1200 BC, marked the start of the
Greek Dark Ages when it collapsed?
What branch of mathematics is Greek scholar Euclid considered the "father" of?
From what Greek island was the Archaic poet of Sappho?
The ancient Greeks considered the center of the world to be in which city?
The Ptolemy I Soter established the Ptolemaic Kingdom in ancient Egypt. Who was the
last pharaoh of the that dynasty as well as ancient Egypt?
Modern Greece
From what empire did Greece gain its independence in 1830 after
the Greek War of Independence?
Ottoman Empire
Who is considered the founder of the modern Greek state?
Ioannis Kapodistrias
What event was first hosted in Athens in 1896?
Summer Olympics
What country invaded Greece between 1940-1941?
Which Greek shipping magnate married Jackie Kennedy in 1968?
Aristotle Onassis
Who was the last king of Greece when the monarchy was abolished in 1973?
(hint: shares his name with a Roman emperor)
Constantine II
Which of Nikos Kazantzakis' novels was adapted into a movie in 1988 and was
directed by Martin Scorsese?
The Last Temptation
of Christ
What was the currency used in Greece before it was replaced by Euro in 2002?
By what name is the Greek government-debt crisis widely known in the country?
The Crisis
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