Latvia Country Quiz

Can you guess these facts about the country of Latvia?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 11, 2020
First submittedAugust 19, 2019
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Capital city
Sea on which Latvia lies
Baltic Sea
Country from which Latvia gained its independence in 1991
Soviet Union
Countries that border Latvia
Latvia has the second _____ people in the world, trailing only the Netherlands
Branch of Protestantism which is the largest Christian denomination in the country
Most popular sport
Ice Hockey
Country with a similar flag:
Latvian explorer Aleksandrs Laime is the first recorded human to reach this
South American waterfall on foot
Angel Falls
Series of events that led to the independence of Latvia and two of its neighbors
Singing Revolution
Language, starting with L, whose last native speaker died in 2013
It has been claimed that Latvia's capital has the largest collection of buildings
built in this architectural style
Art Nouveau
Latvia's capital was part of this trade confederation of the Middle Ages
Hanseatic League
About 52% of Latvian land is covered with this
Country that controlled Latvia's northeastern parts between 1629–1721
Latvian basketball player who was named an NBA all-star in 2018
Kristaps Porziņģis
Currency of Latvia
Level ∞
Jun 11, 2020
It's crazy how Angel Falls wasn't known to the world until 1933 when Jimmie Angel flew over them in a plane. Aleksandrs Laime reached the foot of the falls in 1946, becoming the first European to do so.
Level 74
Jun 11, 2020
It is surprising, though there are good reasons for it. Nobody really wants to trek for days and risk getting yellow fever or malaria without a good treatment handy
Level 71
Jun 12, 2020
Machu Picchu is another one. Nobody knew about it until 1911!
Level 71
Jul 28, 2020
Nobody white.
Level 74
Jan 29, 2021
Nobody from the wider world!
Level 71
Jun 12, 2020
Mediacom has concluded that football is Latvia’s most popular sport – a title it has now held for three consecutive years. The annual study takes into consideration 65 sports activities in Latvia, calculating their popularity by taking into account the amount of active and passive participants in each sport at both a social and competitive level, as well as tracking the amount of coverage each sport receives in the media and attendance at events.
Level 75
Jun 12, 2020
Yea, I was surprised about ice hockey. I thought it's only Canada and Finland who are nuts over bolts over it.
Level 66
Nov 26, 2020
A lot of cold-weather Europe is crazy about hockey. Russia and Sweden especially. Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Denmark, Norway, and Slovakia all enjoy hockey to varying degrees too.
Level 69
Jun 25, 2020
please accept hanze / hanse for hanseatic
Level 85
Nov 16, 2020
"Hansiatic" was my guess.
Level 79
Nov 26, 2020
October Revolution also led to the independence of Latvia & co.
Level 48
Jan 7, 2021
not that independence. also he october revolution only indirectly made the baltics independent, but the revolution was not with that goal
Level 86
Nov 26, 2020
The "Singing" Revolution, huh?
Level 58
Nov 26, 2020
It's is a really interesting story of unification and persistence!
Level 66
Nov 26, 2020
Latvia regained its independence in 1991.
Level 57
Nov 26, 2020
Yeah, During the Russian Revolution many countries, Like Finland and Latvia Gained there Independence from Russia to avoid being Communist. But then WW2 happened and The Soviet Union and took Latvia by the end of the war. Once Again since as Communism was beginning to fall, Latvia Regained it's Independence in 1991
Level 79
Nov 26, 2020
It's a technicality really
Level 65
Nov 26, 2020
I knew "Nouveau" but was just completely unable to spell it. I tried every combination of vowels with n and v I could think of except the right one