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Mongolia Country Quiz

Can you answer these questions about the country of Mongolia?
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: February 16, 2020
First submittedDecember 14, 2019
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What major desert is located in Mongolia and China?
What type of portable dwelling is used by the nomadic people of Mongolia?
Ger / Yurt
What religion is practiced by just over 50% of the Mongolian population?
What is the capital of Mongolia?
What is the English translation of the name of the capital?
Red Hero
What animal is a symbol of Mongolia, and has a population in Mongolia that slightly
outnumbers the human population?
What country does Mongolia almost, but not quite, border?
What "ism" was the state ideology of Mongolia from 1924 until 1992?
Who founded the Mongol Empire?
Genghis Khan
What was that person's birth name?
Which Mongolian Khan conquered China in 1279?
Kublai Khan
What Chinese dynasty did he establish?
In which modern-day city was the last capital of the Mongol Empire located?
What term is used for the vast grasslands of Asia, which includes much of Mongolia?
What Chinese region borders eastern Mongolia?
Inner Mongolia
What type of eagle is used for hunting in western Mongolia?
Golden Eagle
What mountain range is found at the western extreme of Mongolia?
What sector of Mongolia's economy is responsible for 80% of its exports?
What type of camel, having two humps, can be found in Mongolia?
What is the currency of Mongolia?
level 77
Jan 3, 2020
"Yert" didn't work. Apparently it's spelled "yurt".
level 60
Jan 5, 2020
Why is Tianjin accepted for Temüjin? I guessed on the last capital of Mongolian Empire. As I see it, the two things have nothing to do with each other (correct me if I'm wrong).
level ∞
Jan 5, 2020
Made the type-ins less generous so this won't happen.
level 24
Feb 7, 2020
level 77
Jan 12, 2020
I was making wild guesses for the currency and happened to try yuan which gave me the dynasty. I love freebies.
level 56
Jan 17, 2020
Wow, I had no idea how little I knew about Mongolia. Good quiz.
level 53
Feb 7, 2020
Çingis Cengiz Chingiz Czyngis Djengis Djingis Dschingis Dzjengis Džingis Dzsingisz Dżyngis Geingeas Genghis Gengis Ghengis Ĝingis Ginghis Tšingis Xhingis etc... all valid spellings somewhere No. Just no.
level 54
Feb 7, 2020
Ack...thought of minerals & coal but didn't think to try mining.
level 59
Feb 7, 2020
I missed Communism lol
level 63
Feb 7, 2020
Please accept "Eurasian Steppe" for "Steppe", it threw me off especially because it included Asia in the question.
level 47
Feb 7, 2020
Accept Buddhist? Didn't try Buddhism, just thought they would be the same...
level ∞
Feb 9, 2020
level 57
Feb 7, 2020
This might be a bit nitpicky, but can you change "Mongolian Empire" to "Mongol Empire"? I've never heard of it being referred to by the former name.
level 72
Feb 7, 2020
Got all but the currency. I've always been obsessed with Mongolia.