Tanzania Country Quiz

Name these facts about the country of Tanzania.
The de-facto languages are not widely spoken as native languages - they are linguae francae
Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: June 19, 2020
First submittedMarch 22, 2019
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Capital city
Most populous city
Dar es Salaam
Highest mountain
Island that was briefly an independent country
Historic language of the above
The two de-facto national languages *
Phrase that means "no worries" made
famous by a Disney movie
Hakuna Matata
European countries that colonized Tanzania
United Kingdom
Northern region, mostly grassland, that is famous
for its wildebeest migration
Tribe whose life centers around cattle herding
Largest sector of the Tanzanian economy
Bordering countries
D.R. Congo
"Great Lakes" that
Tanzania borders
Lake Malawi
Lake Tanganyika
Lake Victoria
Level 72
Mar 28, 2019
Please accept Kibo
Level 73
Mar 28, 2019
Personally I wouldn't. Kibo is one of the three peaks of Kilimanjaro, i.e. not the actual mountain.
Level 72
Mar 28, 2019
I like this quiz very much.
Level 36
Oct 16, 2019
I love it too!
Level 68
Mar 28, 2019
I could finish it at first attempt, so I guess it's quite easy. I appreciate some other country quizzes rather then the usual popular ones!
Level 75
Apr 11, 2019
Thanks for making this quiz. I was surprised that Freddy Mercury wasn't in here though :)
Level 56
Apr 30, 2019
Surprised me as well.
Level 61
Apr 16, 2019
How odd that more people got Lake Malawi than Lake Tanganyika, which the country used to be named after!
Level 63
Apr 29, 2019
Because another answer is the country malawi
Level 62
Nov 20, 2019
Because people type Malawi for bordering countries and it automatically fills in Lake Malawi too
Level 59
Jul 16, 2020
funny how you don't see lake Nyasa anymore, everyone calls it Malawi now.
Level 38
Oct 24, 2020
Lake Nyasa was a redundant name, since "Nyasa" means "Lake". Why call it Lake Lake?
Level 55
Apr 29, 2019
I enjoyed this. Totally forgot about the Maasai. Also, funny that the sultan of Oman once lived on Zanzibar.
Level 64
Apr 29, 2019
The sultan of Oman lives in Zanzibar now. That's just, where he lives.
Level 47
Apr 29, 2019
Yesssss. Great video right? Anyone else know ‘A history of the world, I guess’?
Level 83
Jul 25, 2020
That's how I got the Arabic answer.
Level 65
Apr 29, 2019
I am so glad that a quiz on an African country has been featured. Well done, and nice quiz.
Level 65
Apr 29, 2019
Great quiz. I was pleased to get 21/24.
Level 59
Nov 16, 2019
make me spell a Swahili phrase from a Disney Movie...;-(
Level 71
Mar 8, 2020
About the description, the standard plural is lingua francas. Linguae francae would be the Latin plural, not linguae franca.
Level ∞
May 15, 2020
Both versions are acceptable. The Latin version feels sexier to me.
Level 50
Jul 25, 2020
Easy Quiz!
Level 80
Jul 25, 2020
Managed to get everything after many guesses on the Zanzibar language and economic sector.
Level 78
Jul 25, 2020
For economic sector I knew it was agriculture but I was getting too detailed, trying to think of which crop.
Level 74
Jul 25, 2020
Thanks for putting the song Africa in my head...
Level 62
Jul 25, 2020
Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase...
Level 59
Jul 26, 2020
I typed Kilimanjaro several times and assumed it was something else. I need to learn how to spell it since whatever I typed wasn't accepted.
Level 38
Oct 24, 2020
I would question a border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is no land border. Lake Tanganyika lies between the two.