World Languages A-Z

Based on the clues, name these world languages starting with each letter.
"Most-spoken" refers to the number of people who speak it natively.
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Quiz by Aaron197
Last updated: August 6, 2020
First submittedMarch 20, 2019
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Language of the Quran
Language of northern Spain not closely related to any others
Variety of Chinese spoken in the Hong Kong region
Afrikaans is derived from this language
Created in 1887, it was intended to be a universal language
What Jean Sibelius spoke. Known in its own language as Suomi
"Eins, zwei, drei" is how you'd count to three
Official language of Israel
The only Celtic language to be an official language of a country
Can be written in Kana, Hiragana, and Kanji scripts
Official language of Cambodia
Language of ancient Rome
Official language of Madagascar
Has the most speakers of any Native American language in the United States
Most commonly-spoken language in Ethiopia
This language of India and Pakistan is the most spoken that is not the
official language of any country
The main language of the Incan Empire, still spoken today
Romance language spoken in a certain country in Eastern Europe
Lingua franca of Tanzania and Kenya
Dominant language of Anatolia
Spoken in the city of Odessa
Most spoken language in Indochina
Variety of Chinese spoken in the Shanghai region
Nelson Mandela's mother tongue
Jewish language that developed in Eastern Europe
Most spoken language in South Africa
Level 73
Jun 28, 2019
Irish isn't anywhere close to being the most widely spoken Celtic language. There are almost ten times as many Welsh speakers.
Level ∞
Jun 28, 2019
I didn't fact check that one. You may be right. The numbers for native Welsh and Irish speakers seem very inflated. According to Wikipedia, 19% of Wales speaks Welsh natively. Yeah, I don't think so. In any case, changed the clue so there can be no objections.
Level 54
Aug 26, 2019
Welsh is an official language of Wales.
Level 65
Jan 22, 2020
Wales is not a "country" as per jetpunk definition
Level 57
Apr 2, 2020
I’m really puzzled why you don’t think that is a likely statistic- it actually sounds quite low to me and there are definitely far more Welsh speakers than that but I guess not all of them speak it as their first language. I certainly know a lot of people who didn’t learn English until they started school and it remains very much a second language to Welsh even as adults. Wales may not be very big but a significant part of the population does use Welsh.
Level 43
Sep 21, 2020
That number certainly seems low to me, there are many places in western Wales that English isn't spoken at all.
Level 73
Jun 29, 2019
You might not think so but there's little doubt. The figures for Welsh are very closely monitored and have been for years so they're as accurate as any of these things can be. If anything Irish is one of the least widely spoken Celtic languages. There are about three times more speakers of Breton. Other than Scottish Gaelic the only Celtic languages with fewer speakers than Irish are the resurrected ones of Manx and Cornish.
Level ∞
Jun 29, 2019
19% of people in Wales speak Welsh at home? I'm skeptical but willing to believe. I did hear a couple old guys speaking in Welsh when I visited Llandeilo.
Level 73
Jun 29, 2019
Yes QM - especially in mid, West and North Wales. In some areas up to 70% speak it as their first language. You're not the first to sneer at Welsh language and culture and you won't be the last, but Ry'n ni yma o hyd, er gwaetha pawb a phopeth. And you're going to have to change the question again. The Welsh Language Acts of 1967 and 1993 establish Welsh as an official de jure language in Wales. There's an equivalent Act for Scottish Gaelic.
Level ∞
Jun 30, 2019
Hey I'm not sneering at Welsh culture. Good for you guys! I think it's cool. But the question will remain unless Wales (or Scotland) becomes an independent country.
Level 78
Jun 30, 2019
The south is quite anglicized, but around Anglesey for example I've heard almost only Welsh spoken in the street.
Level 50
Jul 27, 2019
^ Yeah, my experience of North Wales is that Welsh is widely spoken. I noticed a lot of signs that have Welsh first, followed by English, which furthers this point.
Level 60
Jul 29, 2019
I have been to Caernarfon, where people seemed to be speaking mostly English. But it was at Easter weekend, when there is a lot of tourism there. I have seen statistics showing that especially in Anglesey people often speak Welsh. I wouldn't take the order languages are in on street signs as so much of an indicative factor though, as Welsh is written first on signs in almost all the parts of Wales I have been to (maybe not all - I don't think I have been to Cardiff for example).
Level 46
Jul 3, 2020
If it is 19%, I'm just surprised it's that low. I suppose there are lot more people in south Wales than in the north, where it's most spoken. I would have guessed that the figure would be at least 25%.
Level 82
Jun 30, 2019
A point worth to remember is that Sibelius grew up in a Swedish-speaking home and didn't learn Finnish until in school. Yes, he spoke Finnish, but it wasn't his first language.
Level 69
Jul 27, 2019
Hear hear
Level 73
Jul 27, 2019
kuule kuulla
Level 49
Jul 27, 2019
But it also says it’s called suomi in it’s own language
Level 65
Jul 27, 2019
Odessa is mainly Russian speaking. The clue is 'spoken in the city of Odessa' - so technically it is correct, just a strange choice of city. I expect Ukranian is spoken in London too, but it would be weird to use that as the clue! Lviv would probably be a better option.
Level 46
Jul 3, 2020
I had this exact thought.
Level 54
Jul 27, 2019
Nice to see Esperanto getting some love.
Level 65
Jan 14, 2020
I guessed Ebonics
Level 73
Jul 27, 2019
If it wasn’t for the starting letter, I would never have known about Vietnamese. I always assumed that Thailand had a much larger population, but apparently that is not actually the case.
Level 58
Jul 28, 2019
Can't wait for part two
Level 41
Jul 29, 2019
Uhm..I missed only Ukrainian. Because the dominant language in Odessa is Russian. I know i am dumb, since i didn't think of Ukrainian, but still, the first language that comes to my mind when hearing Odessa is Russian.
Level 67
Aug 10, 2019
A little correction: It should say katakana instead of kana. Just kana is the umbrella term for katakana and hiragana.
Level 36
Aug 22, 2019
Or just write kana and kanji.
Level 50
Jun 24, 2020
Couldn't type Omoro
Level 50
Jul 3, 2020
100% Now!
Level 62
Oct 1, 2020
Wow, was thinking Ethiopia's most spoken is Amharic.
Level 47
Oct 17, 2020
Accept Malagasi for Malagasy?