Mario Kart Items

Guess the names of the items on Mario Kart, not counting Mario Kart: Double Dash!'s special items.
Quiz by Power
Last updated: February 25, 2018
First submittedFebruary 25, 2018
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"Gives a small but powerful boost. Is also seen as an iconic Mario series' power-up."
"Three of the same boosting power-up on a single box."
Triple Mushrooms
"Gives infinite boosts until its timer ends."
Golden Mushroom
"Can be left on a part of the track to hit the player who comes in contact with it"
"Three of the same slipping fruit cask on a single box."
Triple Bananas
"Can be held on for protection, but if thrown, it will shoot itself to distance in a straight path, bouncing when hitting a wall, lasting until it hits enough walls or hits an opponent."
Green Shell
"Three of the same headfirst-wallbouncing obstacle that hits players."
Triple Green Shells
"Not only can be used for protection, homes on the nearest player within reach of it, with low traction, until it hits the player or a wall."
Red Shell
"Three homing obstacles in a box. Surely very overpowered.
Triple Red Shells
"Seeks the player on first place once launched, hitting any players it comes across, to then explode on the player on first place. Hardly can be nullified."
Blue Shell/Spiny Shell
"Makes the user invulnerable to hits and very threatening to other players, as the user can hit them hardly. The invincibility lasts for a significantly short amount of time."
Super Star
"Makes the user invunerable to obstacles and invisible to other players for a short time. During the time invisible, the item may also steal an item from someone that is holding one."
"Makes the user boost extremely fast for a long time, automatically following the track for him/her/it."
Bullet Bill
"Allows the user to infinitely shoot fireballs from their hands until the item's timer ends."
Fire Flower
"Fires a projectile that seeks players a little, then returns to its owner. Can be used three times."
Boomerang Flower
"Lures other players to thinking the item is really an actual item box, as contact with it hits any player that did as so."
Fake Item Box
"When used, bites the air occsionally and other opponents when possible, hitting them, and subsequently getting a small boost for the bite."
Piranha Plant
"Bites everything and air on its path, creating large boosts, while following the track itself. It's gigantic."
Chain Chomp
"Nullifies any nearby items and hits hard any player around it when used."
Super Horn
"Gives a rotaing trail of seven of the aforementioned items, using them one by one, in order of whichever is closest to the kart's front."
Lucky Seven
"Gives a wheel of eight items of this list, used one by one, in closest-to-front order."
Crazy Eight
"Two can be found at an item box, each of them increases overall speed, ten can be used in a total. What item is it?"
"Hits all players but the user and lowers their stats in general as the item itself undersizes the opponents for a varying amount of time for racer."
Lightning Bolt
"For 10 seconds, increases acceleration, speed and off-road handle drastically. If this item is not passed to another player to reset the timer by bumping into him/her/it before the timer ends, the item would strike the user and shrink it, reducing their overall stats."
Thunder Cloud
Level 62
Mar 12, 2018
Great Quiz! I believe the chain chomp was a special item from double dash though. Also, this is missing the Pow Block, Feather, and Tanooki Leaf.