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I need you in my life like limelight, Wherever I go I'm taking you, Whenever I call you my lifeline, I never hang up I depend on you.Taking You
Some go to college, Some wanna model, Some diggin' for that gold, Some flying solo, Some wanna stay at home.These Girls
If I was your sinner, then you were my saint, Guilty of breaking your heart.Words I Didn't Say
Why don't we forget about all of the drama, All of the odds and the problems? So we can just chill, So wavy we spill.Why Don't We Just
I'm just being honest, I'm not here to waste your time, You could hold my promise, I don't give it away too often.Tell Me
It's cold outside, but you melt my heart away, It feels so right, it's a perfect holiday, Waited for this moment, the whole year long.Kiss You This Christmas
Hold my heart, Hold it tight It's fallin', Don't let go, Hold it close, I'm all in.Made For
Reach out for me, Reach out for me, Reach out for me, Just like a shooting star, I'll crash into your galaxy.On My Way
Gone with the wind, girl, Cut through the clouds, don't you dare me, I will.Boomerang
When you breathe, silent symphony, When you blink, you steal the sight from me, When we kiss, endless symmetry.I Depend On You
And all is calm, all is bright.Silent Night

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