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Dec. 16, 1770 – This great composer, known for his nine symphonies, is born in Bonn, Germany.Ludwig van Beethoven
Dec. 16, 1773 – Protesting American colonists, some disguised as Mohawk warriors, dump this substance into Boston Harbor.Tea
Dec. 18, 1946 – This director of “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park” is born in Cincinnati.Stephen Spielberg
Dec. 21, 1879 – Birthday of this despotic leader of the USSR from 1929 to 1953.Joseph Stalin
Dec. 28, 1972 – Kim Il-sung becomes the first President of this country.North Korea
Dec. 19, 1996 – The Galileo spacecraft flies very close to Europa, one of the many moons of this planet.Jupiter
Dec. 25, 1066 – This Norman conqueror is crowned king of England, at Westminster Abbey.William
Dec. 27, 537 – The Hagia Sophia church (later mosque, now museum) is completed, in this city.Istanbul (Constantinople)
Dec. 17, 1903 – The Wright brothers make the first powered airplane flight on sand dunes in this state.North Carolina
Dec. 19, 1732 – “Poor Richard’s Almanac” is first published by this founding father.Benjamin Franklin
Dec. 27, 1831 – Charles Darwin leaves England for South America on a scientific voyage aboard this ship.HMS Beagle
Dec. 20, 1606 – Ships set sail from England en route to this first permanent English settlement in America.Jamestown
Dec. 23, 1805 – This founder of the Mormon Church is born in Vermont.Joseph Smith
Dec. 20, 1860 – This state becomes the first to secede from the Union during the lead-up to the Civil War.South Carolina
Dec. 18, 1787 – This state, the most densely populated in the nation, becomes the 3rd to enter the Union.New Jersey
Dec. 22, 1912 – Claudia Alta Taylor is born in Texas. As Lyndon Johnson’s wife, she would be known by this nickname.Lady Bird
Dec. 26, 1799 – At his funeral, this man is described as "first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen."George Washington
Dec. 31, 1995 – Birthday of Gabby Douglas, American Olympic gold medalist in this sport.Gymnastics
Dec. 24, 1524 – This Portuguese leader of the first ships to sail directly from Europe to India dies of malaria.Vasco da Gama
Dec. 20, 1868 – Harvey Firestone is born in Ohio. He would start a tire and rubber company in this city.Akron
Dec. 22, 1911 – Birthday of Grote Reber, inventor of a telescope that detects this type of wave rather than light.Radio

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